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Pat Roque, Flooring Cleaning Expert: So yes, I started the Tip right after I got married and thanks to Gil Yurly, right here. He’s the one who brought me to the Tip back in 1995. So thank you Gil. So when I first got married, I had to make some money and so I had to join the Tip. That’s the way to make money is to get here, get down here and meet your sales team right here. Thank you guys for being my sales team for so many years. It’s really helped me out.

I don’t have to advertise in the Penny Saver, “$6.95 a room” and then come out and say “Oh wait, $6.95 a room plus preconditioning and 30 cents a square foot. Well this room is a hundred bucks now. Oh, wait, you need some scotch guards? It’s 200 bucks now.” So I don’t do that kind of thing.

We come in there, thanks to people like you, we go in there, we measure the area out. We estimate it by square foot, 25 cents a square foot and that’s what you pay. So we don’t add on all these preconditioning extra charges. A lot of people go out there and say “Okay, $6.95 a room but you need that preconditioning. That’s 30 more cents a square foot and oh, scotchguard and all that.”

So they add on a lot of things and we don’t do that. Our service includes moving the furniture, cleaning the carpet, preconditioning and it’s 25 cents a square foot. We go and we measure it out and you know what you’re going to pay before we start the job.

Another thing we do too, is that we use a truck mount machine. We don’t use those little portables that you plug in the wall. Those things overbite the carpet a lot of times. You don’t have as much vacuum as a truck mount.

The difference is you have an electric motor, which is portable, and a truck mount’s like a car motor. Like we have a Nissan motor in ours. It’s a 4-cylinder Nissan motor, 50 horse power, compared to a little vacuum that a lot of people have. So there’s a big difference in truck mounts verses portable units. Anything that plugs into the wall I don’t think has the right power to clean the carpet correctly, because you’ve got to have a lot of vacuum to take out the dirt and the soil.

Without that, what it does is you wet the carpet. You take out maybe a third of the dirt and stuff. The more wet your carpet is after the cleaning, the more soil there’s still in there. Imagine, because you have to emulsify the soil. It’s in the fluid. Then you have to extract that with the vacuum, so always test and see your carpet afterward. It shouldn’t be soaking wet at all, it should just be barely, barely damp.

On top of that, the truck mount operates at about 220 degrees. So as it’s cleaning, it is also sanitizing. You don’t have to use a lot of sanitizers because of the heat. You have fibers, each fiber has a dye site in there, and so what it does is it expands the fiber so that the dirt can be lifted out. So with the heat, it expands the fiber and that allows you to use less chemical. Less chemical, less residue.

Now with portable units, they only run at about a hundred degrees and what happens is anything that’s in that tank that they’re using it’s cooling down, it’s not heating up all the time. It’s cooling down because what they do is take hot water out of your bath tub. They pour it in the machine. It’s sitting in this tank and it’s not being heated. It’s cooling down. So it doesn’t clean as well. So what they have to do to clean your carpet is use heavy preconditioners and things of that nature.

So they soak your carpet down with these preconditioners, rub it in, use that little portable to take it out and it leaves a lot of residue in your carpet. That’s why people get spots returning. That’s why the soil returns so quick, because what happens is you’ve got residue in your carpet and it’s attracting dirt. So when your walking on your carpet, it’s actually cleaning your feet because it’s attracting dirt because they didn’t rinse all the chemical out.

So that’s a difference too, between a truck mount and a portable unit. We use a high powered truck mount. A lot of people use smaller units, like Terry Termite use best equipment, so do I. I use a truck mount that has a 4-cylinder Nissan motor in it. It’s got a big blower in it, which means more vacuum. Our blower is like a 5.4 and compared to most blowers are like 3.

So it’s like twice a vacuum is most truck mounts. So there’s a big difference between what we do and what other people do, like Termite Terry. We also do hardwood floors. We do tile. We do stone. We do counter tops. We also do ozoning if you have a pet urine problem or an odor problem in your home, fire, whatever. Smoke, just from smoking. We can ozone your home and take care of that problem.

We do cars, like specialty stuff. I do a lot of work for test and Lexus. Specialized stuff. Most of that’s odor removal from people smoking in their car. One time we had a person spill some diesel fuel in the back of her seat. We had to take that out. I don’t really clean upholstery in cars too much, I can do it, but mostly I take odors out of cars and things of that nature.

So pretty much that’s what I do. If you guys want to know more, look at my website that Sain built for us. It’s a great website. I really love that. I wanted to bring some pictures today, but I just didn’t get it done in time. So next time hopefully I’ll have some pictures and show you the difference.

We do a great job. We guarantee our work like Termite Terry. We guarantee it for 30 days. If anything comes back, we’ll come back and do it again, unless it’s a damaged carpet or something like that. Usually pet urine, you can’t guarantee that, because what happens is when it gets in your carpet it turns into a salt. It crystallizes and stuff. So in order to get that out, you have to use an enzyme to get that out. Sometimes what happens is it gets into the back of the carpet into the pad and it’s very difficult to get that out.

We have ways to treat that, but you can never guarantee that. It is considered damaged. Anything that has pet urine or things of that nature, but we do have ways to correct it about 80 to 95 percent. We cannot guarantee that 100 percent. Nobody can do that. You’ll have to get new carpet. Anyways, that’s what I do. Are there any questions?

Male Speaker: Do you do a carpet dying?

Pat RoqueFlooring Cleaning Expert: Oh yes. We do, thank you. We also do carpet dying. A lot of times I get called from people spilling bleach or their house cleaner walks around the house with a rag hanging out of her bucket. It has bleach on it, right? It drips and you don’t see it 2 to 3 days. It takes that long for it to bleach out.

So what we do is we go back and spot dye. We have to neutralize the bleach first with the neutralizer, then we just dye it back. A lot of times people use me for their homes or right before they’re selling their homes. A lot of times, realtors call me up and say “Hey. What can you do with this carpet?” I’ll go up and inspect the carpets to see what it needs to restore the carpet. So we do restoration cleaning with the truck mount.

We have a machine that’s called the Rotovac. What that does, I showed that to you guys earlier, it spins and sucks and steams all at the same time. It rotates instead of a wand. It’s rotating like this and that costs a little bit more for that. It’s called a restoration cleaning. It’s one of the better cleans you can get. There’s almost no better clean than that. So yes, we do do spot dying.

Male Speaker: Awesome.

Pat RoqueFlooring Cleaning Expert: Okay. Thank you very much.