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Water Damage Restoration Orange County - Pat Roque - Pat's Custom Carpet Care

Water Damage Restoration Orange County - Pat Roque - Pat's Custom Carpet Care

Pat Roque of Pat’s Custom Carpet Cleaning explained to us the differences between most carpet cleaners and his super-powerful truck mounted system. Pat has hot rodded the Nissan engine on his carpet cleaner to have 10 times the suction and with water temperatures up to 210 degrees his carpet cleaning system emulsifies the dirt and grime and then lifts it out of the carpet and carpet padding.

This is a very important distinction: anybody can put chemicals and water down on your flooring or upholstery but do they then have the suction to get it all out and thus leave no residue to collect dirt in the future?

Pat’s process is that he appraises the stain to see what type and how much chemical to treat it. He only adds as much as is needed, never too much and then uses his 1500 psi pumping system to make sure that your carpet is as clean and dry as is possible.

Pat is also Water Damage certified. He has a new IE 5 thermal camera that allows him to see where the leak has spread. Pat explained that if water sits for 3 days it begins to grow mold and mildew so this is the window of opportunity for getting things properly dried out and cleaned up. When a mold bloom reaches 10 square feet in size is when it really becomes a health problem because mold attacks and kills the anti-bodies in your immune system that are meant to protect you from disease. Other symptoms include rashes and aches and pains like arthritis. Your wall may need to be opened in order to complete the flood damage restoration.

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