Certified Financial Planner Huntington Beach – Ed Manko, Ameriprise Financial

Ed Manko, our Certified Financial Planner representing Ameriprise, based in Huntington Beach, California.

Ed bought missile systems for the government. He’s been a Financial Planner for 14 years now. He is also an investment adviser.

He majored in business at Michigan State and took 3 years of financial planning education to pass the one-day test that got him his certification. Only 60% of people who take the test pass.

He worked so hard because he wanted the best tools to do the best job. He is a licensed stock broker and can sell bonds and mutual funds as well. He can sell insurance, too. He has the nationwide support of the Ameriprise community and he can call on the experts if need be.

Ed will sit down with you and review your cash flow. If you have a positive cash flow he will recommend “laddering” in order to get you a higher return. If you have debt he may tell you to keep it depending upon what type it is, there is such a thing as “good debt” and “bad debt”. For example, fixed rate mortgages are good, credit card debt is bad.

He will also look at your risk tolerance and manage it as well. Some people are not as risk averse and they prefer to be in the higher earning investments.

Ed says that a good place to start is with a goal such as “I want to retire in 30 years” as opposed to “I want to invest and never lose money” which is, in comparison, just a dream.

If you’re looking for a top-notch Financial Planner please contact Ed at edward.j.manko@ampf.com.