Certified Financial Planner Huntington Beach – Ed Manko, Ameriprise Financial

Ed Manko of Ameriprise Financial is our Certified Financial Planner based in Huntington Beach, California.

Ed gave us a thorough overview of the Social Security system from its inception in 1935 as a way to give a basic level of income to the retired or disabled. When it was put in to place the life span was just 60 years of age on average. Now days men are living to 78 and women are living to 81 on average. Quite a difference and a real need for retirement planning.

Ed can help you with your retirement plans by your situation with you and making recommendations from there. Your Social Security information is available online at www.ssa.gov. You should gather up all of your info and come in with your spouse so that you can both be there to hear Ed’s analysis. He recommends that you “Save what you can, when you can”. He thinks everyone should have a Roth IRA in which it is possible to invest up to $6,000 a year with no taxes.

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