Cheri Boone on Gift Baskets for your company and the health of our oceans…

Gift Baskets Orange County - Cheri Boone of

Gift Baskets Orange County – Cheri Boone of

Cheri Boone on Gift Baskets for your company and the health of our oceans. To order baskets check out

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Cheri: There are just a couple of things we’re going to touch on today. The holiday season and how you can help me. And an ocean update, because of course you have to have one. The holiday season is three months and a half away. Now for those of you who don’t Christmas shop until the day before Christmas that’s great. But for those of us who have to have stuff for you to shop for, it’s getting late. There are a couple of things that we can do for you this year that we haven’t really pushed, so I’m going to show you. Remember when I said we’re going to think outside the basket? Well we pushed things out into the box. And I have examples of chocolates and all sorts of things. If you order 50 or more you can have your name put on them.

Man: What about golf balls?

Cheri: Yeah, we can do golf balls too. Chocolate ones. I think that something like this is really attractive. Google did it. It’s got nuts and chocolates and chocolate covered pretzels. All sorts of different things. And there are several companies that I deal with that can do this, not just this one company.

Woman: Can we open this?

Cheri: No. You can open this though. Actually, I’m gonna have Mark open it. This is kind of HD chocolate thing in the middle of it where they have their logo emblazoned. Open that for me and we’ll pass it around. Something like that comes with some chocolates or something around it. These are sort of good, they’ve got finger prints on them. Sorry, we had to sample. The first five people can either cut one in half or they can eat a whole one. That’s all you get. Those are salted caramels.

Man: Can we open this?

Cheri: No, no. If you do that I’ll cut your fingers off. It’s really highly packaged. That’s okay, wait until he gets the bill. When you have something like this it’s a little bit different than my regular baskets. But you all know that I do have some baskets so if you have something that you want to put in a basket we can do that. If you want to have your name imprinted on something like this we can do that.

There are different qualities. I’ll be really honest with you. That is not my top quality. I have some other vendors that are about the same price range that are really good and they’re from California. It really depends on what you want to present to your client. We can do boxes of snacks. We can do boxes of chocolates. I have places where we can get cookie tins. If you order 50 or 100 tins we can put your logo on the tin. We can do towers. Remember that tower a couple of weeks ago where I had two boxes? We can do those. We can put cookies in one and pretzels in…make it as big as you want, for however much you want to spend money.

What you need to do is think, “Do I want to do this?” If the answer is yes, let’s talk. We need to order now so we can get a jump on it. One of the reasons that we have to do it now is because of the economy. People are shutting down their production schedules. They’re planning out, “We’re making 4,000 boxes of this chocolate. Sorry you have another order, but we’re not making anymore.” Because they don’t want to get caught with leftover product. In the chocolate industry cocoa beans and things have skyrocketed, just like coffee. Because of the environment cocoa beans are in jeopardy, so they’re not going to make stuff unless they’ve got…at least the responsible ones…aren’t going to make chocolate unless they’ve got somebody to buy it.

Man: Because chocolate spoils?

Cheri: Yes.

Woman: How long does it last?

Cheri: It depends on the quality of chocolate and whether you keep it out of the sun and the refrigerator. A chocolate will last six months but if it’s a good chocolate it’ll only… some of these people from San Francisco that make chocolates… Mark, dentist… chocolates from San Francisco that are hand crafted they only last maybe six weeks. You don’t have to worry about people having cavities, they just eat them all at once and… that happens.

It’s not like we’re selling glassware, pens, and pencils. Things like that…oh there’s one left…we’ll send it back around. There is a sort of a rush for me to say “Okay, we’re going to do this, and let’s get going with it.” I’d like to boost my bottom line so the IRS doesn’t think I’m a hobby, if you don’t mind. I’d like to be creative, but that takes a little bit of time. If you can let me know if you’re going to order something that would be great. Okay, ocean update.

Woman: I have a question about the chocolates before we move on. The small box we were just passing, what kind of price range are you looking at?

Cheri: In that you’re looking around 30.

Woman: What is the cost of the mail do you do the mailing for it as well?

Cheri: It comes in a mailer. Some of the companies, if we give them a list, they will direct mail for us. It really depends on the manufacturer and some of them just send us the product with the mailers. Then you take care of it. It really depends on who we choose. Are there any other questions about the food?

Crystal: The one that had the Google on it and nuts. How much is something like that?

Cheri: That one’s probably around $60. But again, that’s just one manufacturer, there’s a ton of things out there, so if you wanted to put “Health plans for less” on the chocolate we can do something like that.

Crystal: Is there a minimum order?

Cheri: Some of them it’s usually 50.

Crystal: 50 is usually the minimum.

Cheri: Yes. I figure if somebody wants to do something I can always put a Grand Gourmet logo on it and you can send out that particular thing. But then if you wanted to do 2 or 3 of that variety then we could do something like that. But 50 is usually the drop dead point.

Crystal: Could you… I was thinking could you split an order with someone and not put anything on it so you could label it yourself? Put your own label on it.

Cheri: Sure. Yeah, I’m just talking about the chocolate imprint.

Crystal: Oh okay.

Cheri: You could say “Merry Christmas” on the chocolate imprint or “Happy Holidays” on the chocolate imprint.

Crystal: I was thinking more for the nuts in it I liked that one.

Cheri: Yeah, I think that this is really cool.

Woman: Or “Thank You”. Could you do thank you and then you’re not limited to the time of the year?

Cheri: Those are all good products. We could all sit down and eat those now. But we’re not going to. Because you’re not the only one that’s going to see this. Okay, ocean update.

Since I last talked to you I’m actually starting to use Facebook. I have a lot of friends in the diving industry that are very into diving still. They… they’re famous and they’re not famous but they’re still diving. I also read a lot of magazines. Everything from scuba diving magazines to supermarket magazines. These are some things I’ve learned in the last couple of weeks. There’s a ban on crabs in the Pacific Northwest because they have neurotoxins. They have soaked up neurotoxins from this… have you heard of that plastic island that’s floating around out in the Pacific? It’s a lot bigger than they thought and it’s harboring things that are creating neurotoxins and it’s washing ashore and people are eating it. One of my supermarket magazines said that there’s a ban on crabs up in the Pacific Northwest. Which just blew me away. That may go for oysters up there too, I can’t tell you for sure because I don’t remember. Because I’m getting old. But that’s one fact.

Swordfish and certain sharks are full of mercury. They’re at the top of the food chain and they eat everything, and all those little bits are just filtering up. Don’t eat swordfish. Don’t eat sharks. It’s that simple. Let people start hashing this out because we are really destroying the oceans. The ocean is very, very warm. You’ve heard about El Nino? Well, around this area last year they took about 500 yellowtails all season so far. This year, they’ve had 2,500 yellowtails on one boat. That’s a big fish. They’re going to over fish them. Bottom line. There’s probably three boats that have total done 7,500 yellowtail in the two or three month fishing thing. They’re coming up from the warmer waters because we’ve got warmer water here now. All of those things that are supposed to be down in the Baja Peninsula are now out on our front door step. They’ve seen opah, which are those huge sun fish. They’ve got a little dorsal fin and a little… They’re only this wide and I actually can say that I’ve seen one in Catalina. I followed it for half an hour and they barely move. They’re gorgeous. There’s no reason why somebody should be eating that. I’m sorry, you just can’t do that to that poor fish.

They’ve also got a lot of barracuda and those are definitely warm water fish. We’re seeing this influx of warm water stuff. A lot of stingrays, so be careful when you go out in the ocean. Then what else… is blowing the scientific community away…I don’t know if you saw it in the paper or not…but we’ve had three oarfish wash up on the beaches in the last… I think it said last three months. Two of them in the last three weeks. Oarfish are probably from Dennis to Guy in length. They are a deep water fish. They swim at 2,000 feet. They like cold water. There is something down there that’s driving them ashore. This is scary. Fish and Game are going this isn’t good folks. Be aware. Start thinking about what you can do to save the ocean. My generation has screwed it up. This is part of me paying back to say, “Let’s fix it”. But it’s going to take a lot more than just me saying let’s fix it. We’re going to be in some serious doo-doo if we don’t. Okay, any questions?

Woman: Did you see the report…I forgot where this boat came from, maybe college students or scientists…were out and they were collecting plastic and they were bringing in things that they collected. They were out in the ocean for 25 days and came back with all the plastic that they were able to capture?

Cheri: No, I didn’t see that.

Woman: Oh you didn’t see that report? It was very interesting. They were actually very positive about what they could do to go out and actually capture all the junk that’s out there and capture to bring it back. There was a lot of positive. I was glad to hear that.

Cheri: Yeah, that’s a good point because there’s all this stuff that goes into the sewers and goes directly out to the ocean. Huntington Beach people are aware of it, but the people that live in Anaheim don’t get it. If you have relatives in Anaheim start beating on them…

Man: With an Orr fish.

Cheri: Yeah, a dead one…yuk.

Mark: I didn’t quite understand what you were saying about the crabs. What kind of crabs have the neurotoxins?

Cheri: The dungeness.

Mark: What variety?

Cheri: Dungeness. The kind we eat.

Woman: At the restaurant.

Cheri: Yeah.

Mark: That’s a really good one.

Cheri: Yeah, I know. If it were those little scrubby ones I wouldn’t be caring. But you’re taking away my crab louie, you know. I don’t know. There’s… go ahead and research this and bring some information back to me. That’s just one article that I read.

Woman: Do you eat fish at all?

Cheri: Do I eat fish? Yes I do. I know…I have diver friends that won’t even look at a fish in a restaurant or on a plate. But it’s just part of life. I glow in the dark, but you know. Okay, thank you very much.