Cherie Boone – Grand Gourmet Gift Baskets

Cherie Boone loves to make one-of-a-kind, creative baskets for individuals or corporate customers. Grand Gourmet doesn’t sell liquor but they can pack it in to a gift basket for you.

They have Christmas promotional gift baskets from as low as $8 – $10 dollars as well as “basketless” gifts. One example is a Wine and Cheese Backpack as a Father’s Day gift. Another would be a pet-themed gift placed in a water bowl. She also has a beautiful rooster-themed basket for under $20 each.

Best Friend’s Day is a new holiday that you might not have heard about. Why not use it as the opportunity to give a gift to your wife?

Cherie has over-sized coffee cups and other reusable containers that are NOT baskets, even keepsake containers.

She has a Gift Program where she can keep your address book of birthdays and gifts you’ve given on file so that you never miss that happy occasion or repeat a gift, heaven forbid.

She even has hot/sexy gift baskets for anniversaries that come in pink boxes.

Just give Cherie a price range & your content preferences and she can create a perfect and personalized gift for you! Contact Cherie Boone at 714-968-3681 or visit