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John Thomas: Good morning, everybody. My name is John Thomas and I am your painting contractor group. I’ve been part of this group for, I think, it’s over 20 years and it’s been great. It really, really helped my business. I was sitting around in August one time and my kids were very young. I had gotten the opportunity to leave a company because they went out of business. You might remember them. They were Buffum’s. It was a department store. I was a general manager. I made a lot of money sticking around, but I started a painting company.

A gentleman, a friend of mine, I go, “Look. I want out of unemployment. Mom’s pregnant. I got to make a bang.” And so a friend of mine said, “Come down to Buckhurst in Magnolia in Atlanta and paint my garage door.” So I’m out there painting the garage door and this guy comes across the street and says, “Hey, that’s a nice job. Why don’t you give me a price on this over here?” Long story short, every time I had my little theater out there, ladders and stuff, someone would ask me to do more work. So I went out and got my license and away we went.

This project here is a tip that I got from Bruce [inaudible 00:01:14]. This gentleman from ACE Construction wanted me to come out and wanted to know if we could do a really nice job and…

Male: Is that Bruce’s house?

John Thomas: Yeah, this is Bruce’s house. He’s gonna tear it down because it’s not big enough.

Male: So that you could paint it.

John Thomas: So I met a business contractor, Asa with ACE Construction. This is the first project he set me on and I’m like, “Okay, and away we go.” I want to let you know that we take on big projects and do an excellent job. This is the entry to the grand room. It’s like, wow, look at those. Look at those pretty high elevations there.

We got underway on this project in… It is a lot of fun. ACE says this is the first project that we had ever done where they built the house and then they revolved it. ??? eccentric customer that talks to all kinds of people and there’s all kinds of changes all the time. We painted everything and it’s like they don’t like the color now that it’s up. We have to change all that. It’s just been kind of one thing after the other, but it’s fun.

Eight-foot doors, six-panel doors, so not your normal height. We got that door on, 36 of them. A little detailed ceiling work there in the T.V. room. What else happened here with this…? Try not to get seasick as we jump around here.

Male: Where’s the house?

John Thomas: It’s in Cerritos.


John Thomas: Okay. At one point, everything’s made it. She was going through the house and she goes, “I really think we need crown molding in these rooms.” After we painted it, now we have to… They put up the crown molding and we get to paint it but we don’t want to get any paint on the previously painted walls and ceiling. So we got that little number brought at us. There was quite a few rooms that needed that, but it gives you an idea that we can run the changes for whatever it takes to make the customer happy.

There we are doing the crown molding after the fact… Not the best picture. It’s shell-y. I haven’t been over to the corner yet. There’s kind of a neat look. So that’s been super fun. A lot of these homes [inaudible 00:03:58], but it’s been a good experience for us.

Of course, with this tip, this guy set me on a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s been really, really great. I really appreciate Bruce for taking a chance with me on that. It’s good money. I think you saw that one. Now let’s go over here and I’m gonna show you where a small job can turn into a big job.

Kimberly-Clark, which makes toilet paper and diapers in mass, they’re located up here in Fullerton. They need their security shack painted. All right. When I looked at it, it’s this giant facility. Really, all right. Thank you very much.


John Thomas: So somewhere, in here, we painted the shack.

Male: Oh, better.


John Thomas: You know, ??? come off. Someone was saying, “How hard can the shack be?” Well, God, it turned out, you know… Trucks are going by. It was just a lot of fun to be there. You had to have been there. It’s just one of those things. Anyway they’re like, “Yeah, that was good. We got all bunch of yellow stuff we painted,” and so boom. Inside we go. The next thing you know we’re painting curves. Safety yellows are really, really important. There’s a lot of it there.


John Thomas:Can you do that? I’m like, “Yeah, sure. We could do that. We’re experts in yellow curves.”


Male: Maybe you have stencils.

John Thomas: And so then it’s like this is the battery room where they’re charging batteries using the carts that they drive around. It’s ???. And so then we had to maybe make some stop signs. They’re called stop blocks. There’s like a gazillion of them. The way you perceive a company sometimes is like they would have a painting program that would start at one site.

It’s just like anybody else. Some guys got a budget. He needs it done. Get over here and do it. It’s hodgepodge. Things are in different areas of maintenance. It’s just a crack up. So, boom, they need stop signs because somebody came through and said, “Hey, these are not correct and we have to have them. The inspector’s coming.” It’s just the same. So, boom, we get to do a whole bunch of these guys.

Safety red. Safety red. Safety red. There we go. What did I tell you? Aren’t these exciting pictures?


John Thomas: There’s a paycheck in there.

Male: Yeah, that looks awesome.

Male: And they had work going on?

John Thomas:  Yeah, and this place has got forklifts ripping through it. You better be on your toes. It’s quite impressive to see how toilet paper is made. You know what I mean? The roll would fit in this room practically. I mean, this is massive. I got that tip through the website, which came from Sean Sloan’s SEO work.


John Thomas: If you’re wondering how this thing works, it’s pretty cool. So we’ve got that going on. We could take on big residential houses. We can paint a little shack that can lead onto something else. If somebody just needs a bathroom, one bedroom or just your garage, that’s how we started the business with doing that double job and no one else would take on it. I just wanna let you guys now we can do that.

Another thing we’ve got going on that we’re sending this out is tips from Thomas Painting. Every month, I’m putting up this newsletter. It gives a tip on something that the residential person could hang their keys onto. Rarely do people cancel because I put this out once a month and get a job out of it once a month.

It’s like a roll with a hole. Something really… I’m the guy that has the answers to whatever you’ve got going on in painting. It’s been really good. Now we’ve been doing it for four years and I’m starting to run out of things to think of. Pinterest. Is that how you say it?

Female: Yes.

John Thomas: It’s a wealth of possible tips. You can get all kinds of stuff in that. Now we have a Thomas Painting Pinterest site. I can’t sleep at night. Let me tell you. It’s a hotbed of information. Think about texturing, doing a left paint splatter, repairing [inaudible 00:09:23] wood block. So I just kind of wanted to review those things that we’re doing. We take on small jobs and big jobs. That tip I got from Bruce. Ken with B.C. Flooring and then Jane Cusick with [inaudible 00:09:46] for Richard Murphy Construction, those add up to a third of my business last year. It came from here and it’s been a significant big, big number.

I just want to let you know if it’s not working for you, talk to me. I don’t know if I can help get it to really crank for you, but get people to think about a commercial painting contractor being in the group but when they’re out and about. You know what I mean? I’m the guy. I’m the paint guy. Any kind of thing that comes up, you just, “Oh, let me think. Oh, Thomas Painting.” We’re the guys. At this point, if there are any quick questions, I ran out of time. Okay, thank you so much for your attention.

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