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Concrete Polishing Orange County

Concrete Polishing in Huntington Beach, Orange County - Ken Radzai of BC Flooring

Ken Radzai of BC Flooring is our Concrete Polishing expert and while based in Huntington Beach is happy to serve all of Orange County, California.

In his detailed discussion of concrete polishing Ken said that you have to ask a person the question “What kind of floor are you looking to end up with?” If the answer is “better lighting” then they know what needs to happen: you start with a PSI scratch test to determine the hardness of the concrete used in that exactly floor. Then a series of cutting tools is used to polish the floor in succession: the first are diamond cutting blades which actually create a swirled pattern in the concrete flooring; the next is a series of metal blades; next come resin-backed diamond blades to remove the swirls; finally comes the diamond-impregnated polishing pads.

A “densifier” wash is used 3 to 4 times, between each phase of the floor polishing. Finally a lithium-based sealer is used and that must be heated to 105 degrees in order to properly seal and bond the newly polished concrete floor. Then up to 40% of the lighting can be removed giving a long term savings on the electricity bill.

There is no need to wax or seal a polished concrete floor. If it begins to lose its shine it can be re-polished using the finest pads and brought back to nearly 100% of its shininess and reflectivity.

The cost of concrete polishing is between $4 – $4.50 per square foot and it is most often used in bars, restaurants, high-end design firms and retail outlets, loft conversions and is even possible to do in garages, warehouses and residential garages.

If you’re interested in polishing your concrete floors contact Ken Radzai at BC Flooring.

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