Credit Card Processing – Jason Berry – Pivotal Payments

Jason Berry of Credit Cards Direct said that he can now offer people cash advance handling and offer up to 50% off of the processing fees. The rates on the money varies on a case by case basis and you can work on a monthly pay back plan.

Credit Card processing companies hide their fees in complex statements: bring him your statement and he will analyze it for you, show you what your really being charged, unbundle the confusion for you and show you how to save money on your credit card processing. So many card companies can’t just come out and say their prices. Call him at 949-375-2424 for help with this.

Jason warned us to NEVER agree to leasing credit card processing equipment. He related a story of how one of his clients got tricked in to signing a $12,000 lease on equipment.

Many more people these days are buying with their debit cards. This is good because they have their PIN number which makes fraud much less likely but if you have trouble with a transaction you will not have the same recourse as when you purchase something with a credit card.

PCI Compliance is looming: you can be shut down if your credit card processing is not PCI compliant. Call him at 949-375-2424 for details on how to get up to date.

Wireless credit card processing is available but its expensive. The equipment alone costs $650.00.