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Dava White - ZephyrNetworks.com - Computer Networking Experts

Dava White – ZephyrNetworks.com – Computer Networking Experts

Dava: I’m Dava White, Zephyr Networks your local, little tip, computer geek. I’m here to talk to you today about Zephyr Networks and what we do. We recently acquired a company called OCO – Orange County Online, so that has allowed us to expand what we can do for our clients. My clicker is working here, in the right direction. Or not. There we go. Okay, good.

What we do. We do design for networks to meet the needs and plans of, not only what you currently need, but what you may hope to grow to. We work a lot with integrating various systems, whether it’s your payroll, your accounting, we do security to provide for your office, so that nobody’s going to hack into stuff. We maintain everything. If you have little issues here and there that come up, we also do on-site maintenance visits for our customers on a regular basis. We do phone support, remote support, backup and disaster recovery because there’s nothing worse than when your computer crashes and you don’t have that data. Once that hard drive crashes, you might not get it back.

Through Orange County Online we also host websites. You can do co-location, which means your server is not only sitting in your office, but all that data is sitting on a server in our data center. It kind of works along with the backup and data recovery, that you have sort of a second thing. We also have cloud service. If you want to work in the cloud, we have a couple of clients who pretty much work strictly in the cloud with what they do.

This is the tiers of what we do. We try to provide that stable environment for your network, so that everything runs nice and smoothly. You get that continuity that everything runs without a hitch, the security level so that no one is hacking into your stuff. With all those layers there, it increases your productivity, so that you get more work done more efficiently.

The services that we provide specifically through Orange County Online; Smarter mail Email. Everybody does email nowadays. How do you do business without it? Google Apps and Office 365, which is a nice joint application to work with your email. Virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and co-location. Again, that all happens to come in with having that secondary server access for remote workers’ office to work through. Website hosting. A nice new website from Shaun, and you need a place to put it up on the Internet. Compliance monitoring. So if you know anybody who falls under HIPAA, that’s probably the biggest thing. Everybody in our office is HIPAA-certified, so we know exactly what needs to be done for that. We take care of [inaudible 00:02:48] monitoring and maintenance 24/7.

You can visit our data centers. I know, for me, it’s kind of an interesting tour. Maybe not necessarily for everybody. But it’s nice to see. If you do have a co-location, you want to know where that’s at and how the building is maintained. There’s an entire structure to that data center to maintain it, not only security-wise but temperature-wise because if it gets too hot, that’s a problem, too. Electronics don’t like all that hot stuff.

The things that Zephyr does. We work on desktops and mobile support. We have a lot of clients who work remotely through tablets and iPhones. Server support. Networking computer security, to make sure that everything’s good from your antivirus to your firewall.

Business continuity. What do you do if something goes wrong? What is that plan? Do you have a backup to go to? Do you have a co-location to look back to, to help you out, to keep your business up and running to minimize the downtime. Network design. If you’ve got an existing network or if you want to grow, what’s the best way to do that? Network auditing. What are things that can be changed a little bit? Equipment that needs to be replaced and equipment that needs to be updated.

Virtualization for desktops and servers. One of the big things now is, instead of having your servers sitting there and running 24/7, it actually runs in a virtual environment. The nice thing about that is, you don’t have to worry as much about the hard drive crashing and it’s a lot easier to take care of that disaster recovery in a virtual environment.

I think Donner [SP] talks about maintenance and support. We do have maintenance and support for all of our clients. We have clients that we go out to on a regular basis, that we have contracts with. We also have people who call us as needed.

What makes Zephyr different? We’ve always been Internet-focused from the beginning because who can work without the Internet? No hands. We have on-site support. We go out to clients all the time. I love meeting clients face-to-face and sitting down and working with them and getting to know them a little bit better. We don’t have a strict managed-services approach. A lot of times with managed-services, it feels like they’re taking care of you at a distance. They don’t seem to get to know you as well or know your needs as well.

We are proactive. That’s one of the things I’m always doing with our clients is, “Hey, what can we do to make your business better?” I get a lot of clients who unfortunately still have Windows XP out there. Every time I see them, I’m like, “Hey, we’ve got to get this going. The end of the year, your budget is coming up. If you want to get those write-offs, now is a great time to be proactive.”

We want to focus on our clients productivity because if they’re not productive, they’re not making money. That’s what it’s all about, is being productive and being efficient in what you do every day. We’re vertically integrated from the desktops to the data centers, so that everything is covered, whether you’ve got just one desktop, whether you’ve got an office with 50 plus people, or whether you one server or five. We’ve worked with that seamlessly so that it works so you don’t notice any kind of bumps or hiccups throughout your day.

We’ve got a team of about seven people now. We’re growing and we can help you with pretty much everything tech related. We try to speak in English and not so technically. One of my jobs has always been explaining stuff to people. I used to do teaching, so I had to learn a lot of ways to explain that high tech stuff in layman’s terms. It does get a little… even for me sometimes, I’m like, “Slow down. Stop. Tell me what you’re actually saying.”

This is our team. Molly’s our office coordinator. We have Ron, our purchasing. Chris, myself, and Doug who are the senior level engineers and technicians. James and Kevin and Eric and Mark, who I’m sure you guys all remember.

Male Presenter: Who?

Dava: Yeah, that crazy guy who started the company. Our target customers. Most of our customers are small to medium businesses. Like I said, we are all HIPAA-certified and HIPAA-compliant. I just renewed mine about two months ago. If you know anybody who falls under HIPAA, like doctors, dentists, anybody who deals with that personal data. We deal with companies with multiple locations. We have a lot of clients who have a main office with remote workers, or companies that simply have two offices.

We do offer a free consultation. We’ll come out for an hour, take a look at everything, desktops, servers, your network connectivity, and let you know what we think can be improved.

Last but not least, our website, ZephyrNetworks.com. We have a blog on our website, and a Facebook site. I’m now in charge of our Facebook and I throw a few things up on the blog occasionally. If you go to Zephyr Networks on Facebook and like our page, one of the things I just recently posted, which actually made me think of Doctor Valentine, was talking about how texting is bad for you. You tend to start arching forward and that upper back just takes all of the pressure. So again, if you can to Facebook and like us. Any questions? Shaun.

Shaun: Can you talk about the difference between the cloud, and private cloud, and the whole idea of trying to move everything out of your office and into a secure location. It seems to be the trend.

Dava: Yeah, the cloud does seem to be a big trend. I know a lot of people who do have a concern about it because there is just the cloud which is just sitting out there and a lot of people have concerns about the security of that. Office 365 is one of those cloud services and they do offer some security with it because they want to protect themselves. They want to be their own CYA. As far as a private cloud, you can set up your own private clouds. That’s one of the things I’m setting up, actually in my own office. You can buy an actual device that attaches into your network, and it becomes your private cloud. It’s kind of more what you do through yourself versus what you do through a provider of a cloud service, like Microsoft or various…

Male Presenter: Do you guys offer that for companies?

Dava: Yes, we do. We have quite a few companies who use Office 365. One of the nice things about it, particularly for email, whether it’s Office 365, or Gmail, or Google App, sorry, is that when you’re email goes down, Google kind of holds on to it for you, so you don’t lose anything. It’s a nice sort of catch-all, that you don’t lose data. Ultimately it’s about how can you preserve your data in the event of that worst-case scenario of the building is on fire or the sprinklers go off. Cathy?

Cathy: I have 5,000 emails that I’d like to file or save. [inaudible 00:10:03] and I have AOL and they… [SS].There is a few problems and so for 4.95 you can give me email and I can have them linked to the storage bins for emails?

Dava: Yeah, I’ve never used AOL. I’ve never liked AOL. I know a lot of people do use it. My husband’s had an account with them forever, and I can’t get him to get rid of it. It is nice when you have them. They’re kind of like more of a cloud service. They hold your email. It doesn’t actually preside on your machine.

Cathy: I’ve never had a virus, I mean, because of AOL.

Dava: Yeah, AOL provides a bundled service, if you buy their packages. They’ll provide the virus, and scanning and stuff like that for you. I’m not as familiar with AOL because they’re not really a business level.

Female Presenter: [inaudible 00:11:15]

Dava: Yes, your email would reside on the mail server, similar to AOL. It would be held there. So if your laptop crashed or had issues, you have it on the mail server. Anybody else?

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