Dennis McCarthy – Cartridge World – Huntington Beach & Fountain Valley, CA

Dennis McCarthy is the proprietor of two Cartridge World stores, one in Huntington Beach & the other in Fountain Valley, CA.

He wanted everyone to know that re-manufactured printer cartridges do NOT void a persons warranty no matter what you’ve heard because this right, to use re-manufactured toner cartridges, is protected by law. If you have a contract with a printer provider he recommends completing the terms of the contract, but, when you are done be prepared to save 30 to 50% on your replacement toner and ink jet cartridges if you buy them from Cartridge World.

Cartridge World has a full re-manufacturing facility at their Fountain Valley location. They take the empties they collect back to replace the drums, blades and fill them with new toner. When they refill inkjet toner cartridges they put in 10% more than the original manufacturers.

Inkjet printer cartridges have 600 – 1,000 tiny valves inside of them. They use microscopic droplets of ink in order to print. When a inkjet cartridge comes in it is thoroughly tested and the electronics are tested.They are filled with a solution and spun until they are clean. As a rule inkjet cartridges can only be refilled 3 times before they have to be discarded. Hewlett Packard has a defective rate of 3 in 1,000, theirs is 3.5. The ink that we use to refill the cartridges is as close as it can be without violating the patents.

If you’re looking to save money on Laser Toner or Inkjet Cartridges feel free to call Cartridge World at 714-848-2082 or visit them at