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On EMAX Crowns – This is the new type of crown. It’s not porcelain anymore. We still make some porcelain crowns for patients that want to go with something with more of a track record, but this I do for my patients. I think it’s the strongest and most aesthetic. This is just a new type of crown it’s stronger than porcelain. One of the things that I have disliked about porcelain since I’ve been using them for forty three years, is that they can chip. This material is more aesthetic and also stronger and less likely to chip. So I prefer this because it’s so strong that you don’t need to have metal underneath and It’s aesthetically beautiful, there’s no metal inside.

What is that color Mark? Is that just the picture?

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What color? Well that’s the color of the patients tooth. We get a shade guide and put it next to the tooth. The fallacy is that teeth are white like the tablecloth. Nobody has teeth as white as the table cloth. Some people want the white Chiclets because they see extreme makeover on TV and the teeth are very phony looking.

I actually did this for dentists to show what the preparation looks like because you have to shape it differently, but it’s beautiful, fits well and is very strong. They are tough to get off if you have to take them off, you have to grind it off. Gold crowns are still the gold standard. I have gold in my mouth and it doesn’t effect my love life. What love life?  People don’t want it anymore so the white crowns are made stronger now.

There’s another material called zirconium which I don’t want to talk about today cause that would take too long. It’s becoming more popular because everybody wants white teeth. She’s 65 years old in this picture. I showed that poster last time and go through it quickly. Jim if you come hand out those articles I printed out. This case has been presented in Chicago at a Nashville meeting in Chicago. She used to suck her thumb. Now her front teeth don’t touch.

It predisposes her to having jaw problems and in fact she hit her head skiing. You can see that the left side of her face is swollen there. These images show that she probably cracked her jawbone in this fall. So I’ve made a movie about the jaw displacing. This is so I can show the patient exactly how it works. So if you look at these images here you can see that this is what she started out with and this is how it ended up. This was a very interesting case the way it turned out.

What do you do to fix it? Is it surgery or…?

No what I do is I reshape the teeth. I build up some areas reshape others. In order to make everything even so that when she bites nothing moves. That’s what is hurting her.

You were talking about the new material for a crown. Does that include the front teeth as well? Would you still use porcelain veneers or the new material?

Oh, absolutely it’s stronger and more beautiful.

Is it a resin material and is it more expensive?

No, it’s called lithium disilicate. Don’t ask me but that’s what they call it. It’s harder than porcelain. Of course it’s going to cost more. When you want the best you have to pay more.

How long does the crown last?

The dental standards for the American Dental Association. If your crown lasts for five years than it is considered a success. When I think about that it’s not good. I’ve had crowns that have been in the mouth for over 30 years and are still good. So that’s my goal. To give you something that’s going to last not five years but for decades. And I have proof of that with my patients

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