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Mark: She was the pretty girl who was my dental hygienist. I told her, “You’re a very pretty girl,” and she of course loved it. Then I said, “But you can be prettier.” She just went, “How could I be prettier?” I showed her.

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Mark: This is about people they will have teeth taken out for orthodontics. The majority of the time, it’s not necessary and it effects how their face looks for their whole life. I call it ‘4 on the Floor: The Dangers of 4-Bicuspid Extraction Orthodontics.’ Sometimes it’s necessary, and I agree that it is, but in a very small percentage of cases. I have an agreement with my orthodontists that treat my patients: If you can treat the patients without taking out 4 teeth, please do so. That’s all I do.

Most of the times they don’t, because it caves-in the faces, makes the nose look longer, thins the lips, constricts the dental arches, and reduces the room for the tongue. Then the last statement is a dental statement that the front teeth get too close together. Instead of looking like this, they look like this. They’re held together, which you’ll all. It often leads to jaw problems and bruxism.

This is how I evaluate patients that have had 4 teeth out: If you look at that gal, and I put gauze inside her lips and it pushes the lips out so that you can see. If you look at her on the left and look on the right, she looks totally different with the gauze inside her lips. That’s how she would look if they didn’t take out 4 teeth. If you look at her profile, you can see her chin looks longer, her nose looks bigger. When you put the gauze in, it’s gone.

This is a look at lips with the gauze inside of there. There’s the actual way she is, and that’s with gauze in there. That’s the same nose, but it looks different because the orthodontics pulled her teeth back and made her lips thinner, made her nose look longer. This is my beauty queen. She’s a lovely, lovely girl hygienist. I put the gauze in there to show her how she looks. Look at her lips. It’s totally different. Look at her profile; look at her chin, her nose. Now look at that.

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Mark: You’re going to have to leave it in all that time. This shows . . . this is what I’m talking about when teeth are pulled back and held together. Her bite is terrible. To look at her back teeth, it’s a sin for a dental hygienist. This is dental. She accepted retreatment. She’s one of the thriftiest person I ever knew, but when I told her she would look prettier, she jumped on it. She has nice shape, form, and function. That’s how she looked.

On the right, that’s the same girl. She’s pretty here and she is beautiful here. It’s an amazing change by giving her new orthodontics that brought her teeth forward where they should have been. We were going to put extra teeth in, but her teeth moved forward; all of her teeth moved forward. The orthodontics did a magnificent job. It’s totally different.

25, 30 years ago, I was studying with these very wise men that taught me about occlusion and everything. Now I teach that same course. They said taking out the teeth is not right and the orthodontic schools are all marching together and taking out teeth like crazy; caved-in faces. We can go to McDonalds and we can see the people. I said, “You had 4 teeth out.” “How do you know?” I say, “I can tell.”

The orthodontist ridiculed me, he said, “You don’t know what you’re talking about. We are orthodontist. I go, “Yes, but I treat the patient for life. You treat them 2 or 3 years, and you are not doing a good job. You’re not doing a correct job.”

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Business Growth Innovators Member: You need a bodyguard, doc?

Mark: I had an orthodontist almost want to punch me. I told him . . . he’s a young guy out of school. I says, “I know you’re upset, but years down the road, you’re going to see that what I’m telling you is correct.” That has actually come true, because of multiple lawsuits against orthodontists that were doing that, overdoing it and in cases of indicated. Now they are much more conservative about taking out bicuspids. I was decades ahead of them, because of the wise men that I had studied with.