Dentist Huntington Beach – Dr. Mark Yamamoto

Dr. Mark Yamamoto was on hand to discuss the latest innovations in dentistry, a profession that he has practiced for over 40 years. He related to us that while dental implants have been the most important technological advance in dentistry new products continue to be introduced.

He told us about the new E-Max crowns that are milled from a block of porcelain and look great; he told us about digital x-rays that use 1/8 of the radiation, can detect cavities earlier and are an excellent tool for communicating a patient’s condition to them. He has been using the digital x-ray system since 1998 and its ability to manage patient files is unmatched when compared to a standard x-ray system.

He told us about the “cone beam” that allows for the tracking/gauging the change in a patients condition over time. He has witnessed, documented and published two cases in which patients have re-grown bone after being treated, something that scientific thought had considered impossible.

Lost wax castings for gold crowns are still the best way to fix the back teeth but all crowns need to be adjusted once put in place.

Dr. Mark told us about the air abrader tool that uses silicon dioxide to prepare the surface of the teeth for the best bonding surface. He also discussed the Apex Locator which determines the end of a tooth to aid in effective root canal procedures.

Dr. Mark reminded us that the bite effects everything in dentistry and that his specialty is adjusting the bite. This is extremely important in cases where trauma is involved because a crooked bite will not let a the jaw joint heal properly after a trauma such as a fist fight or car accident occurs.

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