Don Sjaarda – Personal Injury Attorney, Fountain Valley, California

Don has 30 years of experience as a personal injury attorney in private practice, the entire time serving all of Orange County from his office in Fountain Valley, California.

In order to insure a positive outcome he focuses on cases where there is good liability: an obviously negligent party who is responsible for a serious injury. There must be police reports and witnesses, an ambulance trip, time spent in the hospital, there must be a party who can pay, usually an insurance company. These are the essentials necessary to complete a case and to secure a judgment.

Because people in California drive so much Don sees a lot of Automobile Accident cases: left turns in front of other cars, running of red lights, rollover accidents, drunk drivers, drivers with no insurance or too little insurance

He also sees Motorcycle Accident cases of all kinds: left turns in front of motorcycles, lane changes on freeways in to motorcycles, people backing in to motorcyclists.

He also fields cases where axles or wheels come off of big rig trucks on the freeway.

He has handled cases involving pedestrians being run over in crosswalks, especially on right turns, people backing over children.

Don also handles Dangerous Products cases: he’s handled refinery fires, Ford Explorer rollover cases, Firestone tread separation cases, chair failures, dangerous sidewalks, construction site mishaps and surfing/boat and jet ski accidents.

If you or someone you care about have been injured in an accident and you have any questions regarding personal injury law or whether you need a Personal Injury Attorney please call Don Sjaarda at (714) 963-8216.