Doug Neighbors – Stone Cleaning Tile Cleaning Huntington Beach, CA

Doug Neighbors of specializes in tile and stone restoration, detail cleaning and sealing. A good source of leads for him is any general or landscape contractor.

He uses steam cleaning, no harsh chemicals are involved. He starts off every job with a test clean and test seal before he gets started. He does this to set the bar. 90% of the time the results are great and the customer gives him the go ahead. He bids the jobs and he does the work, sometimes with a helper, but he’s responsible for the outcome/quality.

He also offers honing/diamond polishing of travertine, marble and onyx. Limestone can be finished with diamond disks on his floor machine.

Every job is different. He tries to bring out the natural color of the stones.

He believes in the timely response and does NOT settle for average results.

Holes in travertine and limestone can be filled with epoxy or non-sanded grout. He always does a test fill to match the color and surface. Grout is easier/better because it is non-shiny.

Mexican pavers, because of their variability, are the hardest thing for him to clean and seal successfully.

If you have tile or stone cleaning needs in Huntington Beach or anywhere in Orange County, California feel free to contact Doug Neighbors at 800.408-2254 or visit his web site