Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto talks about Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto talks about his passion for dentistry and learning.

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Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto talks about his passion for dentistry and learning.He teaches dentists!

Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto, DDS, MAGD

Dr. Yamamoto: Usually I churn a lot of technical things but I’ve found, number one, sometimes it’s too technical for the group and they don’t enjoy it and they lose it. And then some of the teeth, which I’m used to, I’ve been working with teeth for almost half a century, but it grosses people out. So I try to do a little milder presentation for the group today. So this is this called le tip 2015. Okay, for those of you that didn’t see it, I’ll do it again. Okay.

Man: You’ll do an eye test?

Woman 1: You want?

Man: Excellent. Make it a little bigger.

Dr. Yamamoto: Still peaking, my 46th year of dentistry. I’m still learning and sharing my knowledge. My developments in TMJ therapy are still peaking, and doing better, learning more. And I’m now classified as an expert in TMJ for testimony for court cases. So my passion for dentistry is still high. It’s a gift. So I have over 4,000 hours of continuing ed and have my own license. I’ve said this over and over. To give continuing ed to dentists and I teach clinical dentistry at USC and this allows the knowledge to be shared with future dentists.

And I have the Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry, which is an earned degree. It’s not an honorary degree. It’s an earned degree, with hours and participation hours and tests, etc. So 10 years teaching at USC in the clinic, and I’ve also given lectures on inclusion in TMJ to the school and to different classes. And I’m still writing more articles. In the middle of a couple right now.

So when you have knowledge and a patient comes in, it helps with your oral diagnosis. Sometimes patients come in and they have a problem, they don’t know what the problem is. They think it’s one thing. It could be another. So if you don’t have a background in diagnosis and overall continuing ed, it can sometimes change your diagnosis.

So use all the latest dental techniques and materials. And it’s also important to know, if you have a lot of knowledge, you know when it’s necessary to get a second opinion. I know when you have to maybe go to a root canal specialist or to an oral surgeon for a specified problem. So if you don’t know these things, you’re not able to refer. You can’t make that decision.

So I enjoy outdoor cooking. That’s my Dutch oven tri-tip in the pot there.

Man: Nice.

Dr. Yamamoto: That’s a special, special pot I got. Holds two gigantic tri-tips, plus carrots, and then potatoes, celery, that’s green, red and yellow peppers. And after that cooks down, I’m going to add bok choy. So it’s quite a fun thing. And if you see the PETA, it says I support PETA – people eating tasty animals.

Man: I love that.

Woman 2: That’s awesome.

Dr. Yamamoto: And fishing in the sierras is also a fun thing to do. And that’s my daughter and a couple of her kids. I have one more older granddaughter that’s not in the picture. And if you notice this guy here, if you’ve seen him in western movies, he plays a heavy quite often. But we went to a western film festival in Lone Pine and he was there. So some of you know Bo Hopkins?

Woman 2: Yes.

Dr. Yamamoto: Did you see “The Wild Bunch?” Did you see “The Wild Bunch?” He was the guy that stayed to the end. They left him, and they end up shooting him, but he was the one that stayed at the end. He was a young kid at the time. But that’s Bo Hopkins.

And so these are my children. That’s my older son, Marty, MBA, younger son, Matthew, MBA, wife, Lita. Daughter, Blythe, and she’s a pharmacists, Pharm D, and that’s her husband, he’s a chiropractor. So they must have great conversations.

Man: And battles.

Dr. Yamamoto: So this is just to show you some things that a lot of dentists don’t use anymore. I use them routinely to help people find their jaw problems. And these are things that I do, instruments that I use that are very sophisticated and I took years to learn how to use them. And then you see these red marks on there? This is just a slide from one of my lectures on how crowns should look when they’re done. And this is my TMJ muscle exam. So I didn’t show too many teeth. Not too much blood and gore.

Woman: Just a little.

Dr. Yamamoto: This is a little bit of checking the throat where the pterygoid muscles attach to the spine. And if they have pain there, they have back problems, too. This is a movie I made.

Man: This is what happens.

Dr. Yamamoto: Oh, you can’t hear the sound, but there’s sound in the background. And it’s showing how the teeth, when the bite is wrong. See how the condyles move? They’re not supposed to move. They’re displacing.

So the sound’s no good so I turned it off. But I have sound that shows moves, shows the jaw displacing. And it’s my own protocol that I’ve developed to present cases to patients and also to use in depositions. It’s been…?

Woman 3: Two more…

Dr. Yamamoto: Two more minutes. You sound like my wife.

Man: You’ve got to go.

Dr. Yamamoto: Too quick. For Sue, I have some words. Words for Sue, our guest. Saranghamnida. I know how to say ‘I love you’ in 14 languages.

Woman 4: Aww, that was nice

Dr. Yamamoto: So I just thought I’d do a little different presentation this time around. And next time, I’ll do the usual technical. But they have nice facilities here, nice to use. I don’t have to carry my projector or my screen. I just show up with my laptop and hook it up, so it’s a nice facility. And any questions about dentistry?

Woman 3: Doc, you have two minutes for questions. Does anyone have questions?

Dr. Yamamoto: Questions about dentistry? General dentistry? TMJ? Jaw problems? That’s how you can tip me, if you have someone, know someone that has been to a dentist, they have an uncomfortable bite as a result of their restorative work, I can make them comfortable again. All is not lost. Or if you have someone with jaw pain, car accident, I do a lot of those.

Man: Great.

Dr. Yamamoto: So thank you for your… Oh, a question.

Woman 5: Mine isn’t a question, it’s actually a testimony for Dr. Mark. Because I went in there to have a cleaning, and in the process of the lady doing the cleaning of my teeth, she noticed something different. And so he came in to check and they discovered that my tooth was actually cracked all the way down and had they not discovered that, I could have really been hurting bad because it could have cracked and really done some damage. But thank god that Dr. Mark and his assistants found that problem and corrected it.

Dr. Yamamoto: That’s oral diagnosis. That’s where we shine.