Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto – TMJ Treatment that helps bone regrowth

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Dr. Mark Yamamoto – Dentist Huntington Beach, Orange County California


Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto, DDS MAGD: I put together just quick items to show you, to illustrate
what Termite Terry said with this kind introduction. Something that one of
my newer pieces of equipment that I have acquired, it’s an electric hand
… wait a minute.

Male voice 2: How fast does it go?

Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto, DDS MAGD: You don’t want to go to the dentist and they start drilling
that. They’re real loud, whine. It has actually damaged my ears through the
years. I’ve been a dentist for 45 years, and that, plus the guns, and the
physical fatigue, that didn’t help. Even though I wore ear plugs and ear
muffs at the same time, but it did damage my ears, and a lot of people have
complained about it. But this new drill is all electric, and there is no
air in it. It does not run on the windmill principle. It’s an electric
motor that turns it, and it gets up to 200,000 RPMs. It’s excellent.

Male voice 2: What does it do, drills the…?

Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto, DDS MAGD: The best drill in 50 years. That’s what a woman told me.
That’s just a joke. It’s a new drill. It has more torque. It won’t block
down. J. T. just got that 2 hours later. Less vibration so it cuts more
smoothly. It has variable speeds, much less noise, and that’s the little
pad that I can use to vary the speeds, and the speeds come up and talk to
what you’re going to do with it. And that’s the old one, the old air drive,
and you see how small the… Sometimes in a very tight, tight place, the
old one still is better, because it’s smaller. But for most jobs, and for
jobs that require a lot of drilling, this is way better. It’s smoother,
less vibration, not as noisy, and my hand isn’t tired at the end of the

USC, this brand has been installed at the Dental School, and it was used
and tested by a famous professor, so it’s all good. So that, talking about
equipment, and we use it for all aspects of dentistry. I have two
practices. I have a general practice where I teach general dentistry for
normal dentistry, everyday dentistry, and then I have a TMJ practice that
is really thriving, and I tell my wife that even though I’m old, I’m still
peaking because the TMJ practice is peaking.

Male voice 2: She buys into that?

Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto, DDS MAGD: Does she have a choice? So I’m going to show you a case now.
This is all a bit much if you’re a non dentist, but what you can see as a
non dentist is after I treated the patient, her bones actually got better.
These images are one-to-one, so if you look at this image here, and this
image, a couple of years later, her bone actually changed. The bone around
it changed. This is the base of the skull. So the base of the skull
actually healed and the jaw joint actually bone changed. And it’s probably
illustrated best in this cut right here where you see the bone was thick.

The bone was thick because it was being hammered. And after I corrected
here bite, her bone was thinner which is more normal and isn’t as white.
When it’s white, it means it hyper calcified. It’s too much calcium. Now if
you look at the shape of these little round areas and the work that I did,
the treatment actually helped the bone to heal and change, and it’s very
remarkable. It’s so remarkable that when I showed this to a radiologist
with a Master’s Degree, and then studying X-rays of the head and neck, and
the jaws, he said he hadn’t seen this phenomenon before.

So I asked him, “Well, what do you call it?” And he said, “I don’t know,
because I’ve never seen it.” And I said this is the fifth case. So I had
access to my laptop when I was talking to him, and I showed him the five
other cases, and he said “It’s very remarkable.” So we’re going to exit
here, and go to the … so this is the patient’s profile. If you look at
the curvature of her spine and look at the head position in relation to the
neck, and after I fixed her bite, and made her comfortable, and the pain
went away, her head came up straighter, her shoulders came back, and it
made her breasts look larger. A woman actually asked me if she had a boob
job. I said no. She’s just standing up straight, and so it’s looks nicer.
Her spine is straighter and her shoulders are back. That’s what makes the
breasts appear to be larger.

So I didn’t understand this, and so I called up a physical therapist that I
work with, and he told me that when these muscles are tensed the wrong way,
this is what happens. But when they’re relaxed, the good muscles contract
and straighten up everything all the way down the spine, because the
muscles that move your jaw backward and forward are attached right here on
the spine. So when you fix that, you get well. And I have a patient that’s
a chiropractor, and I showed him these pictures and he said exactly the
same thing. When you get that back fixed, the neck fixed, it can go down
the spine.

I didn’t predict this was going to happen. I just observed it, and sought
information from other professionals, and they told me this is what
happened, so it’s all good. So now we’re going to exit out of here, and
we’ll go to another case. Because of privacy, we’re only going to go to the
pictures and you can see the change in her face. This was swollen, and she
did very well. A part of her problem she was wearing a device that was not
correct. And these pictures show her teeth. After two weeks, see how far
apart they are? They got closer together, and here, they are closer
together just by not wearing a device that was made incorrectly.

Two minutes, you sound like my wife, two minutes. These are all old jokes
that I’ve told. See how she’s closed, and that’s knowledge. I didn’t treat
her. My treatment was to tell her, please don’t wear that device, and she
got better on her own. So knowledge is power. And she has to go to an
orthodontist, etc., but more, you can see, again, new pictures that shows
the decrease in selling. And also her left shoulder is straight. Her left
shoulder used to be pushed up. See how you can see the shoulder here, and
you can’t see it there? Now they are even. So the head can’t change and the
shoulder changed, and then this shows the teeth, and this shows how happy
we both are.

It was a quickie. I hope you enjoyed it, and you can tell even though I’m
old, I still have great enthusiasm for the dental profession. So thank you
for your attention.