Engagement Rings Orange County with Glenn Ballard of Ballard & Ballard Jewelers in Fountain Valley, CA

Just to prove there really are 2 of us, we’re at the same place at the same time, so it’s Ballard and Ballard, which originally it was Ballard to Ballard. So it’s our holiday season, oru busy time of the year, I guess that’s why we get scheduled because that’s when it all happens. For most retailers, it’s a quarter each year, and it’ll get compressed in about a week, then all hell breaks loose, it gets really busy. But it’s our time of year, we love it, everyone’s got the same due date.

For those who’ve been there, you know we’ve got a full shop, we make it right there, and if we can’t, we’ve got casters who know how to cast, diamond cutters that cut diamonds, enamellers and engravers and if we don’t do it, we know the best craftsmen in the world to get it done.


Glenn & Guy Ballard

Glenn & Guy Ballard

So just to tell you today, who are we, what do we do that’s different or unique, that’s what I want to talk about today. What makes us different, what’s different about our company, why would anyone shop with us versus any other place? If you google it, there’s a million on there, and many jewelry stores right down the street.

So who are we? We’re a fine jeweler, we’re not a store that sells jewelry, we actually make it, we love it, live it, and create a lifelong career from our commitment to it. This is not a sideline, a distribution channel, a corporate financial vehicle, or a way to beat the system. Our life’s work enriches the local community through our unique involvement with our clients. We provide services that our clients need, want and desire; the backbone of the American work ethic. That’s what we do. That’s why we show up everyday because as we all know, it’s not always fun everyday.

What we’ve come up with lately is our five-facet service plan. What do we do at Ballard and Ballard that’s giving a unique experience? As Jim said, they come in, we usually know your name, we have a new app, we’ve been talking about it. Bridal business is big for us and most jewelry stores, and we have a new app called The Vow, and we’ve opened it on our iPad, you can put it on your smartphone, it’s on our website, and go to “engagement ring finder”, and you click on pictures of rings and on each one if you click it, you’ll get a really cool view of it, the picture will be three-dimensional spinning video you can grab and turn any way you want, others have pictures of it on the girl’s hand moving in the air.

Especially for the people you know who are in a long-term relationship, now is the time to give them the app, give them our card, tell them what we do. Because usually what happens is one day they show up at a party and they go, “Look! I got a ring, I got engaged” and everyone appears shocked, then you start thinking about it, and you think, “well, they’ve been going out six years, someone along the way must have given them a card or referred them,” so, now is the time to refer. And we want to give you reasons why.

One of the things we do is we are the only jeweler in Orange County and the first for sure, but the only ones I know who travel all the way to Antwerp, Belgium to buy the diamonds. I just got back about a month ago. It puts us at the front of the line, it’s the only place I know where you can go, anywhere in the world, because that’s where they are, that’s where they’re cut, there are more diamonds sitting there than anywhere in the world.

So I brought some of the stacks of stones that I got and please don’t open those boxes they will hit the ground, so we made these little cases that we deliver them. It says “Antwerp Rocks”. Those rings on the app, people will come in and select their ring, we have stores full of rings, apps full of rings, my computer full of rings, I’d say half the people who come in now come in with their smartphones and show me 20 rings on their phone that they like and usually we have something very close, the new Halo design is really popular, that will match.

Because usually the guy, he wants to get the perfect ring, and oooh, boy, isn’t that tough. So he’s usually a piece of this ring, the height of that ring, the price that he can afford, and we will design it on the computer or right in front of him, to get exactly the design he wants because what does every guy want that’s shopping for a ring for their bride, what do they have in common? What they all want is they want her to be happy, all they want.

So then we take the diamond, we bring out the hundreds of diamonds we have, we get them all in different sizes in two to three different qualities so if you want a 1-carat or 2-carat diamond, we say here’s one that’s $30,000, here’s one that’s $18,000, here’s one that’s $5,000, and we let you see the difference. A guy has a stack of the quality grading scale and if anyone wants one, hold up your hand.

The point is you can read all you want about the 4 C’s, quality differences, but what do you see? Fine diamond is on the website, but you can’t see it, all you see are grades and prices. So if someone says, “Gee, that $10,000 diamond doesn’t look any different than the $5,000 diamond,” I say, “Congratulations, you just saved 5 Grand.” So get the one that works with you, or a bigger one, or a better one.

That 2.0 is $32,000. That one little tray you’ve got, you’re holding in your hands $150,000. It’s time for questions.

I’ve always wanted to ask, since diamonds are the hardest substance, how do they cut them?

There’s only one thing that will cut diamonds: Diamonds. They also have a grain, and they can cut it with lasers. You can cleave it like a piece of wood in one direction, so they use diamonds and diamond polish.

Glenn Ballard lead of his talk by saying “We are in the people business, not the jewelry business”. He stressed the idea of the outstanding service offered by Ballard & Ballard Jewelers as the thing that kept family’s coming back generation after generation. Glenn is joined in this multi-generation family-owned business by his brother Guy Ballard. Glenn has been married to his wife, Joyce, for 18 years and they have a son Troy.

Custom designed jewelry makes up half of all jewelry sales at Ballard & Ballard Jewelers. Lately Pandora bracelets have been very popular. People are getting charms with their grand children’s initials on them. Blue topaz and diamond combination rings are also very popular. Ballard & Ballard has a large stock of exotic colored gemstones: opals from Australia, rubies from Myanmar and the ever popular gold from Italy. They also have sapphires in every color of the rainbow.

Glenn stressed that when you want to give a really personalized gift they can help you get the look YOU want. The gift of jewelry is something that lasts.

If you have an idea for a special piece of jewelry give Glenn or Guy Ballard a call at 714-962-0088, they can help!