Eric Evans – Farmers Insurange – Property & Casualty Insurance, Fountain Valley, CA

Eric Evans has been representing Farmers Insurance for over 6 years. He wants his clients to experience the difference of having their own, highly attentive agent in comparison to the service of the 1-800-El-Cheapo companies.

He has a Liability Insurance worksheet that he recommends going through and filling out in order to see if you’re properly covered. He relayed some startling statistics: 26% of drivers are uninsured and another 25% have the minimum limits. He reminded us never to assume that because someone has a nice car that they are insured. He also told us that the average guilty verdict in driving accident liability cases is $500,000.00. He asked us if OUR insurance agent had called to make sure that we had our assets protected.

Eric believes that our coverage should serve our needs. Uninsured motorist is the most important insurance to carry because it can protect our income. Take the 15 minutes it takes to complete his Liability Insurance worksheet, it may save you 15% of everything you own.

Eric made a point of saying that he’s looking for joint ventures in terms of pro-active partnering with other motivated individuals to promote both of your businesses.

If you have any questions about Property or Casualty Insurance please call Eric Evans at 714-437-5555 or visit him at