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Tim Stuart, our Family Law Attorney who serves Huntington Beach and all of Orange County, California, enjoys the practice of family law. He has practiced many other types of law during his career but has found Family Law to be the most rewarding. 50% of marriages nationally and 2 out of 3 marriages in California end in divorce. With sobering statistics like that you need an experienced lawyer on your side.

If you hear the following things from a friend or family member they may need expert help:

  • “I just got served with divorce papers”
  • “We’re in marriage counseling now”
  • “We’re not in love any more”
  • “He/She cheated on me”

All of these can be indicators that a crucial juncture has been reached and that there are real legal issues that need to be carefully considered.

Changes to child custody findings by the court are very difficult to change. The things that can effect the status of child custody include:

  • Drug or alcohol issues
  • Former spouse threatens to move out of state
  • The child turns 13 and has a preference in terms of whom they stay with

Child support in California is mandatory and follows a formula that is approximately income level + number of children + % of time spent with the paying parent. Non-payment of child support will result in a “contempt of court” finding. The following situation may indicate the need for an expert Family Attorney:

  • “My ex has stopped paying child support”
  • “My ex just got a substantial raise”
  • “My ex owes me $15,000.00 in child support”
  • “I just lost my job”

Spousal support is something that the laws in California have sought to discourage. Spousal support is generally granted for a time that equals one half of the length of the marriage. After that one is encouraged to get an education, get remarried and get on with life.

Pre-marital agreements usually involve the children, the house or any other assets of value from your former life brought in to the second marriage. They have to be signed at least 7 days before the marriage in order to be enforceable. These situations might indicate the need for an expert Family Law Lawyer:

  • “I’m getting married again!”
  • “I have a business and I’m getting married for a second time”

In addition Tim is forming a network of marriage and family counseling professionals in the area. If you know any CPAs, teachers or family therapists who would be interested in joining have them contact Tim.

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