February 5th Meeting

Ron Budd. Health Plans 4 Less. Ron provides health insurance and just got back from a 3 week vacation in Australia and New Zealand, courtesy Chris Tait from Travelcom. Lack of health coverage is the biggest reason for bankruptcy, be prepared, call Ron today!

Sally Chiappone. Juice Plus+. Sally will be speaking the next two Fridays at La Choza Mexican Restaurant in Huntington Beach and answering questions about Juice Plus+. Please RSVP to Sally & Tony Chiappone 714-968-3624 or via email at sally@tony4jp.com

Penny Lambright, Clutter Cleaners. Penny is a 10 year member of Le Tip and has been a part of the board in some measure for 9 of the 10 years! Penny specializes in bereavement home closures and estate sales. The family takes what they want and the Clutter cleaners does all the rest, from advertising, selling, and cleaning, then hands a check to the family. Any leftover items are donated. Packrats and hoarders are also not a problem. Clutter Cleaners is often called out to condemned homes by code enforcement. She showed us lots of crazy photos! Simpler things like packing and unpacking, deep cleaning, organizing and streamlining administrative functions are also a cinch for Penny. Let them act as a mediator for families. They will make sure you still talk to your relatives afterwards. Penny is available even for one closet, one garage, etc. Give Penny a call today at 949-717-9176!

Sean Sloan, Sean Sloan Productions. Search Engine Optimation (SEO) – Never assume that it’s done, being done, or that it can’t be done. It is a constantly evolving science and it needs to be constantly updated to make sure you website is seen. That is the whole point of having a website for your business – being found by new customers! Keyword-based content and inbound links are the most important. Make sure your site is useful with relevant content like FAQs and testimonials. Sean has an awesome PDF infosheet that you can request from him for free. There are so many helpful tools like Google Analytics that Sean Sloan Productions can setup and monitor for you. Remember, if you build it, they won’t (necessarily) come! You have to make your websites visible to people who are searching for the services or products you provide. If you’ve been disappointing by your website company or SEO company, call Sean today at 949-722-6119!