General Contractor Orange County – Repairing a Sagging Ceiling

Ceiling Repair Orange County

Ceiling Repair Orange County - Bruce Beinlich of Beinlich & Sons General Contractors

Bruce Beinlich, our General Contractor serving all of Orange County, California, detailed a recent job in which he repaired a sagging ceiling area inside of a home. Apparently the sagging was due to an improperly engineered job where a closet had been removed to increase the space in a room. The ceiling joists above, instead of being properly replaced, had additional pieces scabbed on to them and eventually bowed down cracking the drywall on the ceiling and hung down in to the room in an unsightly manner. At some point ceiling tiles had been glued on in an effort to cover up the damage. Bruce detailed the entire work flow of the project in an effort to demonstrate what makes Beinlich & Sons Construction the best General Contractor in Orange County, California to work with. Here goes:

  1. First of all Bruce scheduled a portable toilet to be delivered so that the work men need not track construction dust and debris through the house while working.
  2. Bruce’s team sealed of the work area with heavy plastic curtains from floor to ceiling with zippers cut in to them to seriously inhibit the transfer of dust to the rest of the house. This includes heating or AC returns that could pull dust into the system and distribute it around the home.
  3. Bruce laid down plywood, not just paper or plastic, to protect their hardwood floor from damage from a dropped tool or piece of lumber. “First do no harm”!
  4. Bruce filed plans with the city and got the city’s approval on the work. A permit was acquired and a 2nd set of eyes approved of the engineering fix that he designed, always good to have.
  5. Bruce coordinated the workforce and also all of the city inspections of the job as it progressed.
  6. All of the overspanned ceiling joists were replaced, the drywall replaced and its now approved and ready for paint.

Job well done! If you need your construction job done right the first time by a thorough and professional general contractor feel free to contact Bruce Beinlich.

Bruce Beinlich
Residential Remodeling Specialists
Lic. #59076