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Gift Baskets Orange County, California

Cheri Boone- offering Gift Baskets in Orange County, California

Cherri Boone: Good morning. Now everybody knows me, but there are a few new people in here, not many, but I do gift baskets for individuals and corporations. And you can go anywhere and have somebody make you a gift basket, but I’ve got to tell you. When you get one of mine, you’re getting a gift basket.

We really like large orders, but we really have fun with individuals. I’ve helped more than one person out of the dog house – oh my wife’s birthday is tomorrow, and I forgot. What can you do for me? And we’ve actually pulled it off. I’ll get a call the next day she was so happy, thank you, thank you, thank you. So we can do that for you, you’ve got an in here.

I wanted to tell you a little about some of the food that you can put in things. As you know, food makes the difference in how you feel and how you act. So if you want to give somebody a gift basket and have them be happy, you can put oatmeal in it. Not so good, but you could get them pistachios, you can put avocado in it, if you want. We have a lot of things that have some avocado. Not fresh ones, but avocado stuff, or if you give me the bottle, I’ll be glad to put wine in.

That will make them happy. Not too much, just a little. If you want me to be a little bit sharper, I don’t know, maybe a colleague is sort of lagging and you want to push him a little. We can give him something with whole grains. Maybe some turkey jerky, because turkey gives you enough of something to make you a little bit sharper. Coffee, coffee works, too, and we have several different kinds of coffee, and if you want Peet’s coffee we’ll go buy you Peet’s coffee, and eggs.

The breakfast this morning was good, eggs and coffee. Now if you want to rev up, and a lot of times we do amenity baskets for conventions or for weddings or something. Water, water is good, and we put a couple of bottles of water in a box with some other things, so that people will refresh themselves and keep going.

Pineapple is also good to rev up, and almonds, so keep that in mind, just in case you need to get the morning going. Now, if you want to have somebody have bliss, you know, romantic baskets and all that stuff. A mood lifter, chocolate. It’s a given fact, I found it on the internet, chocolate works. And we all know that, anyway. Or you can give them walnuts, and that works, too, or you can give them spinach. Now I mean come on, spinach, chocolate. There’s just…

Now I passed some samples out. The ones over here are gone, but if you want to pass those on down, there’s some chocolate covered caramel Oreos, which Dr. Mike is probably having a heart attack over.

Business Growth Innovators Member: He ate three of them.

Cherri Boone: And there’s some cranberry almonds, chocolate caramel. Not that table, the other table.

Business Growth Innovators Member: We’ve already got our share.

Cherri Boone: I wanted to show you a few things. I’m going to pass these around. I think it’s just easier to hold something in your hand, but we do all sorts of seasons. Here’s a fall gift basket. Here’s a gift basket that’s custom for someone that had a teacher in the family and wanted to give them to a teacher.

And this is just something that we’ve done always, and it’s really good. They’re really good products, but it’s a dinner, ready to go. It has a pasta sauce, it has risotto, it has some balsamic vinaigrette, a little bit of an H’ordoerves, so if you’re looking for something for a hostess, this is a really nice gift.

Now we all sorts of occasions, and we get some really strange requests. This person in particular really liked cats. So the recipient was a cat person. Now I’m not a cat person, but I will become a cat person for you. So we put some little cat things in it, and I always have a little bit of a problem putting animal food in with real food. So we have some paw bags and we put all the animal food in the paw bag, just so they don’t eat the cat food. That just sort of worked there because you’d be surprised. Good pate right. Okay… Whole grain crackers even.

We do 40, 50, 60, 70 year old baskets, that’s not the age of the basket. This is just an example of basket for a 50th birthday. And we do put special things in them. If you do have somebody that really likes to garden, or is really into books and things, we’ll put in a Barnes and Noble gift card, we’ll put in a book for them. Whatever you think that person is going to want, I’d be glad to do that.

Here’s another example of a healthy basket, sort of. It has some dark chocolate in here. It has some nuts, and it has some things that are not GMO. Natural chocolate chip cookies, organic chocolate chip cookies, and when you ask for these things, it means that it’s going to be more expensive. I’m sorry, I’m not a charity, but those things are available, and we do keep some of them on hand. If you want fresh fruit and stuff, we go out and buy that fresh.

And now, our favorite time of the year, Christmas. Here we go, we’ve all seen this little puppy. I love this mug. I really thought he was just saying Christmas. We do a lot of Christmas. We increased our orders this year at Christmas. Get off your phone.

Business Growth Innovators Member: It’s called business. I’m responding to Mark’s calls.

Cherri Boone: Tell him he needs to be here. I’m old, and I don’t put up with anything. I don’t care if he is tall. Remember, I have kids that are 6′-
6″, so…

We can do fun themes that are not really Christmas oriented, but winter oriented. We have everything from cocoas, and cookies to chocolates, to salty and snacky foods. I have a particular company, they’re out on the East Coast, but they have a really great line of snack foods in a tin. The shelf life on that is a couple years, but they never last more than three months on my shelf because they’re good. Some of them are spicy, some of them aren’t. They have some red peanuts which are sort of hard to find. I wanted to point out this. This just looks like some white innocuous box. That’s a $30 box of brownies. This is a $150 basket.

Business Growth Innovators Member: Special brownies.

Cherri Boone: Not special enough. OK, moving on. Well, I suppose if you wanted to slip something in you could. We do Hanukah, we do all sorts of fun things. Some of my favorites, are people like Mark Winger, and Termite Terry. Mark loves Kona coffee, and his clients like Kona coffee, and so four or five years he’s been ordering Kona coffee, and we put it in his holiday baskets. If he doesn’t bring his Kona coffee holiday basket, he’s probably going to lose the business.

We specialize in doing large orders. We can do a convention. So if you know somebody that’s in an association, and they have a hotel site, say, hey, I’ve got a girl for 30 bucks, she’ll put together a basket for everybody that’s going to check into a hotel room. Then they don’t have to hit the minibar, and we can give them something that’s semi-edible because if they come in at 9, 10, 11:00 at night, and need something to settle the alcohol we can do that.

We also do candy bars, or candy buffets. That’s what this is. When I said I did a candy bar, it doesn’t mean I made a candy bar. I’ll just pass this on. So if you have somebody that’s having a wedding or a bar mitzvah, something like that, this is what they are. One more note. We do do naughty baskets. Sorry, Bruce, this is just a romantic basket, but we have some strange things that we can put in if you really want them. Any questions?

Business Growth Innovators Member: For example…

Cherri Boone: Handcuffs, and stuff like that. And we do that discreetly, too.

Business Growth Innovators Member: Customer client.

Cherri Boone: Customer client privilege, absolutely, just like a lawyer. Any questions? Thank you.

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