Gift Baskets Orange County – Cheri Boone of

Gift Baskets Orange County - Cheri Boone of

Gift Baskets Orange County - Cheri Boone of

Cheri Boone, our Gift Baskets expert serving all of Orange County, California, is also an avid scuba diver. She started diving in Monterrey, California where the water is quite cold. She now prefers to dive in the Caribbean in locations like the Bahamas and Belize. She has also dived in Soccoro, Mexico, Hawaii and Micronesia.

She has been exposed to the natural world and seen man’s effect on it. She has come to feel that we are the “stewards of the ocean” and that we need to take that role more seriously now than ever. She told us about the wasteful and unsustainable practices of “long line” fishing where only a small percentage of the fish caught are actually used and the “finning” of sharks where only their dorsal fins are removed and the sharks are thrown back in to die slowly. Cheri asked us to educate ourselves and take a stand now so that our grandchildren will have something to see when they dive and to eat when they fish.

Cheri also offers a full line of gift baskets and corporate gifts. Her favorites are the “custom-made baskets” that she builds to special order. If you have someone you want to thank why not give them a handmade basket that is unique to them? Just call Cheri Boone and see can help you out. No order too big or too small!

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