Glenn Ballard – Jeweller – Fountain Valley, CA

Glenn Ballard is an actual custom Jeweller based in Fountain Valley, CA.
They specialize in custom jewelry design, hand-picked diamonds, some of them direct from Antwerp, Belgium plus Gold and Platinum.

They also buy old Gold and Platinum and pay top prices, much better returns than the gold buyers who advertise on TV. Come and see what your old, unused jewelry is worth, it could be double what the TV gold buyer’s are offering. Ballard and Ballard buys so much gold that all of their jewelry is made from recycled gold.

Ballard and Ballard is a fourth generation, family owned and operated jewelry store in Fountain Valley started by Glenn and Guy’s Great Grandfather. They eventually became partners and took over the business when their time came.

They offer a brochure at they’re store, a “Guide to Buying Diamonds” that Glenn handed out to us. The Internet has lead to much mis-information and confusion. You must physically inspect a diamond in order to make an informed purchase because identical looking diamonds can have values that vary as much as 50% or more.

Good diamonds exhibit what’s known as “scintillation” because 100% of the light that enters them is reflected back out of them.

Glenn and Guy are not just sales people like at most jewelry stores: the can design and build custom jewelry based on your design ideas or their suggestions and ideas. They have CAD/CAM design programs that can render your ring design with photographic precision.

Are the settings in which your precious gems are held wearing out? Don’t know how to tell? Let the jewelry experts at Ballard & Ballard have a look, they might just be able to prevent the loss of your precious gem before it happens.

The Ballard offer their own brand of watches, complete with Swiss manufactured movement in both men’s and women’s styles.