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Glenn: So you did. So did you say you… You got that for your 20… on your 25th, 25th, 25th anniversary is when you were in?

Female: Yes.

Glenn: And how long has it been now since then?

Female: Thirty-four.

Glenn: So it worked?

Female: It worked.

Glenn: Great, see. You want to stay married, come see us. So, and it’s nice to know that I have a traveling partner to Belgium now, John Thomas, we’re going to go over and do diamonds and he’s going to look at the paint. So that’s going to be fun. Looking forward to that. That’s a very slippery… So what I thought I’d talk about today is, I know everyone’s really excited, and it’s the number one subject everyone likes to hear about, and that’s prong repair. Right? Everyone wanted to know, that’s what you came here today for, right? Prong repair, so we’re going to go into detail on prong repair. But first, before I get to that, let’s get a few things going. Here’s, for the ladies, a little bling. Pass it around.

Now there are three trends about that ring I want you to notice. First of all, it does have a little purple amethyst. Sure, try it on. Just send the tip, it doesn’t make it all the way around just send the tip for me. It’s got that… the stone is cut, they call it a checker board cut. So if you look at the cut, it doesn’t have a flat top on the top on the table, it just sort of, sort of like a B cut. All the facets go all the way around. It also is made out of, if you look closely you’re see it’s a red, or a rose gold, which is something we really haven’t been doing for 50 years, but it’s a big trend now, the rose pink gold. It’s really good with, it has, there a trend it’s got these little diamonds, micro pave, tiny little, full cut diamonds. Technology today, they can cut the small diamonds for… a lot easier than they used to be able to. So, that ring has all three of those trends, and it’s very popular. And a lot of the jewelry today, the fashion jewelry and the engagement ring jewelry.

But for the guy’s I brought a watch because we know they like to push the buttons and move, look at the dials. That’s a Ballard Chronograph Swiss watch. You push the button, you get a stop watch. You got… you can turn the dial time the steaks on the barbeque. So that’ll keep the guy’s busy.

Male: Does it have a laser?

Glenn: It has a laser, well we can put that in. Let me put a laser in it, okay? So, a couple of weeks ago, I think when I was here before I heard our president was talking about outside tips, this is a big… is a good idea. I agree with that, that outside tips are really the key for the group. We can all use each other, and we should. And that helps us to build confidence so that we can send other people your way, or our way. So I thought I was going to come up with some things that help you give us some outside tips. What type of tips, what kind of tips are we looking for? What’s a good way for you to, say, you know, get them in the door for us. Which is really what we’re looking for, is just… you know we have a retail store, we have regular hours, so it’s really easy. All they got to do is pull on the handle and come on in.

So probably the easiest one, the best one is real simple, tell them that we will clean the ring for free. People are amazed, the way we can clean the rings with our ultrasonic cleaners, and our steam, and our polish, and mostly our know how. We know how to do it right and not ruin you’re ring. People are just shocked. They go, wow it hasn’t looked like that for ten years. It’s like you haven’t cleaned your car in like ten years and then you get it cleaned. Okay, it’s going to look a little different. Fully detailed, for free. Okay? That’s great for us because it builds confidence. We got a showroom full of beautiful jewelry laying all over the place, while it takes five minutes to clean the ring, so it’s perfect to get them in, no pressure. I’m sure, if we’re doing it right, we’re going to put something pretty in their hand just so they can admire it. But it’s a really easy tip when we’re looking for outside tips.

So if you guys give me a tip and say, hey I’m sending someone in to get a ring cleaned, do it. If you give me a tip I’ll call them and invite them in. Or send them in and say, I already sent them in. But please, you know, like we all know, let’s do real tips. Don’t just say, I told something they should come in. Unless they come in, or they’re going to definitely come in, give me a number and I’ll call them. We can do an insurance appraisal for them, we can tell them, if they’re jewelry’s, how it’s holding up. People usually, when we clean their jewelry, have no idea when it’s about to fall apart. And now we’re talking about prong repair.

Okay, this little chart we have here is all kinds of repair, and how jewelry’s made and polished, and you know, we flip through the pages and show them things. But this page right here is the one I always leave open, is a picture of a stone with this prong coming up, kind of over the edge of the diamond, that holds it in. Well, a diamond is forever. This diamond will never wear down, ever. This little prong, that’s made out of very soft gold that’s holding it will wear down for sure. Most people just, I don’t know, you know, jewelry lasts forever, right? And I go, well, you’re prong’s down like that now. Or in some cases when they come in, they go, where did my diamond go? Oh, you’re prong’s gone, and gravity made it fell out.

So one of those important things that happen when you clean someone’s jewelry is you go, you know your diamond’s about to fall out? So we tell them take it to a jeweler you trust. Whether it’s back home, or whoever you use, that’s fine. But don’t wear this ring, take it and get it repaired. And, of course we’re happy to do it for you too. Okay good, how much would that cost? We open our repair book an explain how we do it, we point to our shop that’s right behind us, and a lot of times we’ll do it for them. But, you know, we’ll do a $50, $60, $100, $300 repair, whatever it might be, and save them a $15,000 diamond because they came in to get their ring cleaned. And then you know they don’t have to, you know, they don’t have a claim. Right Eric?

Eric: Exactly.

Glenn: No claim. But most customer’s, and if you talk to people too, it would be good for you to point out that they have no idea. This is just something waiting to happen. Pretty much anyone that has any stones in any kind of jewelry, but they’re just… usually the first symptom they notice, when something’s gone, how did that happen? And you say, how long you been wearing that? 38 years. Wow. And my grandma wore it for 58 before that. So it needed to be repaired probably, well at least the day before it fell out. You don’t always know when that’s going to be. So all kinds of repair are, of course are really good way to get us an outside tip.

Anybody in the market, they want to just get information, we’ll sit them down and we’ll show them, tell them about diamonds. We’ll of course show them diamonds. We design jewelry right on site. I’ve been, Sean’s been seeing our new design. We’ll be blogging about it. Well we probably just did. But we have a new system, you guy’s have seen the cad cam type of technology I’ve been using for years to design jewelry. Well now the system we can, we have another one. We sit you right down in our room and we can do it right in front of you. It’s interactive. You can design your own ring on a 42-inch screen and we can have it, and then we make it, and in two to three weeks it’s done. So that’s another great way again, just to introduce people to what we’re doing, what we can do.

It’s a little different than the majors you know. The majors are, like all of us usually you’re competing with a major, the big corporations, which, number one goal is to make money. Believe it or not, that’s my number one goal too in business, but guess what? We like jewelry at least as much, probably too much as doing the business. So that’s, those are some of the ways to get people in to see us. How about questions? Sure.

Female: Can we talk about [inaudible 00:08:31].

Glenn: No, the ring, sure.

Female: [inaudible 00:08:36].

Glenn: Oh, those, well those are full cut diamonds, their H color SI quality. Is that what you were wondering? And it’s got a… it’s an amethyst with a checkerboard cut, 14 karat rose gold, I think it said, I don’t know what the diamond weight is on the tag. They’re very small. They’re probably like a half a point each. Is that pretty Kathleen?

Kathleen: I can’t read that small print.

Female: She can’t get it off her finger.

Glenn: I think it’s, is it 750, the ring? Seven hundred and fifty, okay. Sean.

Sean: So this ring cleaning seems pretty important, what’s the proper duration, like every year?

Glenn: Oh, you should do it every six months.

Sean: Every six months?

Glenn: Every six months. But most people have probably not done it for years. We tell people, bring it in every couple of months, because it’ll stay cleaner and we sell a very good… we have a very good foam cleaner [inaudible 00:09:32]. But, what we do, it’s the professional cleaning and we check the prongs.

Sean: And so can you show people like, through the microscope or whatever “Oh look, there’s a prong…”

Glenn: Oh yeah. We have another, on this same big 42-inch screen we have a camera in a microscope, we put it in there and it’ll make your one point diamond look like a basketball and we can show the prongs. So they don’t have to believe us.

Sean: They can see it.

Glenn: Us jewelers, we’re looking through our loop, everyone standing around going, “What are they seeing? What are they looking at?” We can show you what we’re looking at. And they can judge. They don’t think it’s worn out, we won’t do it. But then at least they’ve been warned if something happens.

Sean: Yes. Due diligence.

Glenn: Hey Val, yes.

Female: I just want to say that I was able to refer Ballard & Ballard to our employee Dan. His wife had an heirloom diamond from a grandmother, the ring, they redid it, fixed the prongs. They’re very happy.

Glenn: Okay, great.

Female: If somebody has a really nice ring and you happen to bang it against something, go have them check it because you could’ve broken the prong and you don’t realize it until the diamonds gone. That’s happened to a friend of mine.

Glenn: Good idea. Okay.