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Glenn and Guy Ballard, nominees for the 2010 Orange County Business Journal Family Business Longevity Award

Glenn and Guy Ballard, nominees for the 2010 Orange County Business Journal Family Business Longevity Award

Guy Ballard, our Gold Ring jeweler located in Fountain Valley but serving all of Orange County, California, told us about the origin of the Ballard & Ballard Jewelry dynasty here in California.

In 1917 their Great Grandfather was the first gold ring manufacturer in downtown Los Angeles in what became the Jewelry District. He was a “trade manufacturer”, selling gold rings to other jewelers who then sold them to the public. They have Ballard & Ballard catalogs as far back as the 1920’s up through the 1970’s when they began the transition out of pure manufacture and in to wholesale to the public.

In the 1980’s they began the move out of the Downtown Los Angeles Jewelery District that they had helped create because it had become a den of cutthroat low ball pricing where nobody could make a living. They opened a tiny shop in Orange County but this was in a medical building and was a “members only” type of store like Fedco. They also had a location in Glendale.

In 1995 they consolidated the stores in to their current location. After 33 years in Fountain Valley the still have the guiding ethos, to be “Your Personal Jeweler”. Contrast this to the horror story they got recently from a woman who had purchased a ring from one of the “well known names” in jewelry: her ring needed to be repaired and it took 4 months because the ring had to be shipped overseas, back to the factory that had manufactured it in order for it to be worked on! Adding insult to injury the ring broke AGAIN shortly after she got it back! Needless to say she brought it in to Ballard & Ballard for repair where you can meet and talk to your actual trained professional jeweler and not just a “sales associate”!

If you need an insurance appraisal, to restring pearls, to fix a chain and are tired of the “can’t service, can’t size your ring” nature of the big name stores please contact Ballard & Ballard. Get the “Best Quality for the Best Price!”:

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