Handyman Huntington Beach – Lance Bell

Lance Bell is a California native, he’s been married for 27 years and has 3 grown daughters. Lance has been in Fountain Valley since 1998. He’s a member of the Elks, the Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Woodworkers Association of Orange County and his church.

Lance Bell started off his career in the home building business working as a hot tar roofer when he was 19. He quickly graduated in to finish carpentry by apprenticing for his Uncle. Lance has worked his way up to earning his General Contracting License and has all his bonding and insurance but chooses to focus on smaller projects.

If you have a list of unfinished household projects, the proverbial “honey do” list get your list together, as organized and complete as possible and hand it off to Lance. He will work through them methodically. He keeps his truck stocked with all manner of parts and materials in order to keep trips to the store to a minimum.

Lance says “I might start out fixing a towel bar and move on to re-caulking the shower and bath, one project generally leads to another!”

Do you have a party or seasonal entertaining coming up? Give Lance at least 1 or 2 days lead time and he will have your home ready to entertain!

There are certain things that Lance does not do, such as granite counter tops and the refacing of kitchen cabinets but he has a great reason: others who specialize in those services can do it for you more cost effectively so he tells you that right up front. If you need those services he refers out when he can.

Do you need a  mirror put up? Screen door repaired? Video projector installed? Electrical plugs updated? Lance Bell can do all of these and many many more so give him a call.

Lic# 787038
17812 Santa Anita Cir.
Fountain Valley, California 92708