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Ron Budd, Health Plans 4 Less

Ron Budd works with you to find the best health plans available at an affordable price. He packages all of the coverage together for you to insure that you are completely covered in case of a catastrophic health event.

Ron finds that many people are over insured in the area of doctors visits but under insured in the case of critical illness. He can usually tell within 2-3 minutes if you are overpaying for your current health.
Your health coverage should work to protect your assets and that’s why he packages a critical illness policy along with your health plan. He can save you from 20 – 50% over the typical health insurance plan.
Ron advises people to form groups of two to get group coverage rates, even if existing conditions are present. Call him and he will help you navigate the confusing waters of health insurance.
Ron can be reached at (800) 355-8020 for a free analysis, a low-cost quote and excellent service and