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“What is quality of life worth to you?” is the question that Sally Chiappone put to us. How much does time spent a the doctor cost you? Do you have enough energy to enjoy your family? Do you have a balanced immune system? Do you have to stay home with your sick family? What is the nutritional value of your food when measured against the cost of it? How about the level of contaminants or bacteria in your food? Sally has an answer for all of these questions: Juice Plus, certified whole food nutrition in a pill form.

Juice Plus contains 26 fruits and vegetables with living enzymes and NO pesticides. Juice Plus is bio-available, unlike most mass manufactured vitamin supplements. Children 6 months and older can take Juice Plus. There are soft chews available for them.

Time Magazine had an article that stated “Fruits and vegetables can save your life!” Adults are supposed to get 7-13 servings a day, athletes are supposed to get 9-20 servings.

Juice Plus is the most researched nutritional product on the market in the entire world. Be an aware consumer, don’t buy based on TV ads and don’t take fragmented, mass produced vitamins. Call Sally Chiappone at 714-968-3624 for more information.