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Penny Lambright - Home Organizer Huntington Beach, California

Penny Lambright - Home Organizer Huntington Beach, California

Penny Lambright, our professional Home Organizer in Huntington Beach, made an amazing statement based on her experience: 80% of what we own we will never touch again.

Her recommendations were as follows: don’t keep paper records, convert them to electronic; be sure to have a system to back up your electronic records; keep only the checks that are important like checks from a trust; you can check your credit up to 3 times a year without being penalized; use Equifax, then Experian, then Trans Union.

On the humorous side she said “Don’t keep those ’70’s clothes: they are now costumes”.

Donate your casual clothes to convalescent hospitals; donate your books to the Veterans Hospital; Cell phones are taken, refurbished and given to abuse victims so that they dial 911 only; donate your towels to pet rescue organizations.

Penny also had a tip for kids who want to divide up the possessions of a parent: the children can go through the home with a batch of their own colored stickers marking each piece that they want, if everyone wants the same piece then a coin flip can be employed.

How do you tell if someone is a hoarder? Answer this question: Can they sleep on their bed? Can the fire department get in if they need to?

Penny is also involved in Pet Adoption: if you know of a good home for a pet please contact her so that she can place them, especially dogs.

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