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Dennis Jenkins, Panasonic Telephone Systems and Service

Dennis Jenkins, Panasonic Telephone Systems and Servic

Dennis Jenkins: Yesterday I said, okay, let me talk to you a little bit more about some of those SIP phones, and some of those hosted solutions. Some of you in the house have hosted solutions. Some of you have key systems. Some of you have PBX’s, some of you have just an analog line and it does what it does when it does.

Okay. What are some of the benefits of that kind of thing. Well, SIP trunks are always less expensive. So if you can get on to a SIP trunk program, whether it be hosted or PBX, it’s always beneficial. One of the things that SIP trunks, any hosted solution require is good bandwidth.

So yesterday I set this up, and in this device there’s a little device that basically can reach up and catch that wireless signal. You see the wireless signal up there? You see that, it’s raining down, okay. Shawn’s on it, okay, three or four other phones are on it. I can see everybody out there, you’re on your wireless.

But guess what, in this instance, even though it worked perfect yesterday, not enough signal. Oh no, oh no, well that’s sometimes the kind of things you have to check before you get involved in this kind of service. If someone’s knocking on the door, and saying, hey, I’m going to do SIP. I’m going to do this, if they’re not looking at the bandwidth, they’re not looking at the big picture. Can you imagine running a Ferrari in a cornfield? Well if it doesn’t register, it doesn’t matter, okay.

Well, let’s put the tractor on, let’s say on Laguna Seca racetrack or something. Maybe that will register. Point is, is if you don’t have the right paring of things, it doesn’t work well. And so, those are some of the things that I got demonstrated this morning to me as I brought it in and said, oh yeah, let’s see if this works. Well guess what, it doesn’t, okay. Because we don’t have enough signal. So in order to get that voice to work, you have to have the right components.

Some of the benefits of this kind of thing also are, these phones, you can take them, plug them in anywhere you have bandwidth. Hotel room, plug it in, okay, good to go, because it’s hosted. It just goes out, if finds your PBX. Now, you have connectivity with the rest of your company. You can take them on vacation wouldn’t you. What do you mean no, what do you mean no? Of course you would, okay. So that’s one of the major, major benefits of SIP trunks, and how this technology is coming together and moving forward with portability and affordability.

One of the last things I want to talk about. If you have a PBX, and you have satellite offices. With SIP trunk providers, you can make these so that they are stand alone and yet connected. And what I mean by that is, you walk over to the phone, you dial out, it sends a phone number out. People can call back into you, but you dial three digits, and you’ve got an extension in Shawn’s office. So Shawn, ringing, ringing, ringing, okay. He wants to call Joe, at 523. Ringing, ringing, ringing, connectivity, Chicago, LA, it doesn’t matter.

Okay, one of things we’re putting together right now is Cerritos, India, and we’ll put a couple of these in Chicago, because they don’t they don’t need a full on PBX, but they do need a PBX, because they’ve got 40 or 50 people in a room, and SIP trunks into a PBX are a more cost effective solution. So often times there’s some other configurations that you have to look at beside the bandwidth, is the big picture. That’s where I come in. That’s where my experience brings it to the table, and we’ll make it work, and even here, you had to test to find it out. That’s what I did this morning. I tested to find it out. And guess what, we would need more bandwidth if we’re going to set up here. Questions? Does Jim have one, no he doesn’t. We’re working on that.

Business Growth Innovators Member: So are you offering hosted solutions now?

Dennis Jenkins: Yes, yes. They’ve been pushing this for quite a while. They’ve opened a whole new thing in Panasonic. Been working with a guy for about three or four years, and he’s basically set up some things now where if this were connected, this guy would call and dial 502, he’d be in Maryland, to another phone like this, but I could also call 77104 and talk to another dealer at his extension 104 in Florida. So inner-connectivity all over the place, you can mix and match. We’re going to do the same thing with the India solution. 77 India, 22 L.A., things like, so all kinds of inner-connectivity. Again, you’ve got to have the bandwidth, or you’re in trouble. Other questions?

Business Growth Innovators Member: What about those virtual phones that are on your screen, are those…

Dennis Jenkins: On your computer?

Business Growth Innovators Member: Yes.

Dennis Jenkins: In some senses of the word, it’s the same thing, and yet there’s some discrete differences. If you have portability or very simple, low cost solution that you want, and a lot of seats in the house, call center kind of thing, that kind of virtual ZOIP-er will work. It will also work on your cell phone, by the way. So if you have that king of account, you can open with this Wi-Fi, make a call if you’re a cells provider wasn’t helping you, because you couldn’t get cell signal.

You can go out over Wi-Fi and make a Wi-Fi call. So there’s are not bad. Some of the problems is that it doesn’t manage the lines as well. So if you’ve got four lines coming in here, more difficult for an application like that to do that. Of the ones that I’ve seen, I’ll qualify that. Any feedback on that? Have any of you seen with multiple lines on a desktop solution?

Business Growth Innovators Member: Do they all have a signal line?

Dennis Jenkins: Managing multiple… That’s kind of what I’m seeing as well. This makes it a lot easier and manageable in that environment, if you have that application. Anything else? I’m sorry.

Business Growth Innovators Member: When the internet goes down, what happens?

Dennis Jenkins: It gets really quiet. Actually, actually I was baiting it a little bit Chuck. Actually that happened at an insurance company the other day, and their cell phones starting ringing. Because we have a fail-over that says that it will start ringing to another number.

Business Growth Innovators Member: Satellite backup…

Dennis Jenkins: No, absolutely, it will fail-over to the cell number or, let’s say that you had an alternate location. Let’s say you had one at the corner of Harbor and where’s that place… So Magnolia goes down, your calls just move right over to the Harbor location seamlessly.

Business Growth Innovators Member: Do you have a way to stop the NSA from listening?

Dennis Jenkins: Yes, yes. It’s an armed solution. Thank you very much.

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