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When painting comes up I want the first thing that comes to mind to be John Thomas Painting. We’ve got these pins. I give them away. I got them from Kathy Oleewahlerrer. They’re awesome so now is the time to give those away and there is information on these pins. They have the website. They’ve got the phone number, they work. No social security number no passwords. Does everyone have my business card in their car? Where did you get those from? I got these from Sheila, world’s best printer. Best prices but best service though I think more than anything. At that, “ah-ha moment” you might have a couple questions or maybe not maybe it’s just a quick way to tell them about me. Anyways thanks a lot.

We talked about color last week. When lot of people go to pick out paint products they don’t think in terms of manufacturers. They think about color. So they have a swatch and instead of coming from the local Dunn, Vista or Bear, Maybe it’s from Glidden, maybe it’s from Frazee. We can go there and get that. I can use whatever they want to use. Then it matches perfectly and you feel confident. He’s very flexible on that. He has a website. So maybe if they have a smart phone, you can say plug in and it will come up on their phone. See, I just did it on my phone and there’s my website on my phone. You could be talking to someone and you could say, hey do you have a Smartphone and they probably do. Probably 90% of them use them. But it’s pretty neat, and the wi-fi connection here actually sucks but other than that. How am I getting customers? You know I’m getting customers from you guys. Things changed.

I used to work for a general contractors. I was thinking I was high and mighty. I had 3,4,5 contractors and I was talking to the CPA and I was like hey I can give up this Business Growth Innovators thing and he goes…Whoa! Take it easy, I’ve been through a few more rodeos than you have and someone’s going out of business and things are going to change. So don’t give up on that retail side of the business. I think it was 6, 9months, I don’t know a year later things have been interesting. People I used to work for all the time are now glorified handymen. So, through this group I stayed in business. Through developing the website. I did that four years ago and it’s been great for me. On this Maylist of 46 members, I’ve done work for 30 of them, 70%. And of 20 I’ve done multiple jobs for. So look at that. I’m getting customers from you guys. I’m getting customers from the website and my referrals but you guys are really really important to me and I want it to be that moment where you say this is the guy. The go-to guy.

It’s like when there is a computer problem who do you think of first? It’s like Bam Zephyr Networks. It’s just not a question. Call this guy up . He can solve your problem and have it fixed right away. He has a staff. We have a staff. It’s not like I’m going to show up and take on a five bedroom exterior house and take of all the wallpaper. We have people who can do the job. They’re trained, they’re bonded, they’re insured. We’ve got workman’s comp and we have all those items that you need. I have this flyer that I send out to all my customers and I have like 800 names now and I’m coming up on 20 years in this little shindig that filled in from losing a job. I painted a garage door and now here we are. We’ve got a couple of crews and a website. I send that thing out and I get a response. At least one a month. Some of us are like, Oh yeah, I forgot. All the bids that I put out there. I don’t get which is a lot. Did everyone get a pen? You want to get that pen. It’s got a website and a phone number.

As Dennis was saying at some point we are going to talk on the phone. I have yet to have a contract where they contact me through the website. I did it through pictures, I did the proposal and they hired me and I went and did it. At some point we talk. Especially when they want to pay me. So Flyering as been really been do good for me this year. If your not doing a flyer once a month, come up with something and send it out to all the people. Good, bad, yes or no. It’s funny how that comes back to you. You know I have a face book page and I support it. So that’s been kind of cool. I read a book in Baltimore and it was on my daughter’s kindle fire. So I got this thing and I’m kind of testing it out and I have these pictures of these two different projects and some Yosemite pictures. So if you don’t like the paint pictures you can look at those. I’ll pass that around.

I’m local, I’m married, 3 kids, still have a mortgage. I’m really not going anywhere, lots of people kind of like that. When we get the job and people already trust us it’s about the next one. Starting on time ending on time. Taking care of problems because there is going to be something. They are going to come out and put their sprinklers on and you know. Yesterday we went and looked at this garage door and they have those features on top and you can let it slide in and there’s glass and then there’s the detail behind it. I was like I’ve done this on before we need to be careful. We need to make sure someone holds the outside while we unscrew the inside. Because we did it before when we unscrewed it and it fell and busted the glass. We’ve come across a lot of different stuff. I just want you guys to think about in terms of Thomas Painting and the integrity that we have and how each job is really important to us and how important Business Growth Innovators has been to me. Those numbers don’t lie. That’s really awesome so I want to thank you if you have any questions I have a couple more minutes.

Do you have a preference of spray or rolling?

It depends on the job and it’s always about what the customer wants. It depends on the job. You’re not going to go into someone’s dining room with nice furniture in it and just fire it up. Sometimes things need to be sprayed, then rolled behind so it get’s into a porous surface. It depends on the situation. On eves on the exterior of homes we like to spray those because labor wise to sit there and roll those it just doesn’t work out.

If you have a specific color can you match that? Is that difficult?

No, we can match anything. We’ve had people give us a pillow and it can be done. We’ll find a way to match it. We’re not going to say no. If they want that weird little grey area. We’ll spend the time. Ask Sherry Boone. We’ll spend the time. I mean, when you start with 12 quarts. We’re patient. Thank you and goodnight.


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