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Eric Evans - Insurance Agent Orange County handling Property & Casualty Insurance

Eric Evans, our Property & Casualty Insurance representative, is based in Costa Mesa but serves clients all over Orange County, California and Southern California.

In his speech Eric used a three legged stool to illustrate a comprehensive financial plan. The first two legs are 1. Living Trust, Wills & Probate and 2. Investment and Retirement Savings and 3. Insurance that protects 1 and 2.

He showed us the ill-suited Holey leg offered by Big Insurance Companies, the Fancy leg which represented expensive over-coverage and the Short leg which represented insufficient or incorrect coverage.

Finally came the perfect fitting leg offered by the Insurance Brokerage of Chrysalis Insurance: because of his experience you get only the coverage you need; because he’s not tied to any specific agency he can shop for the best deal; because he’s a smaller operator  he can give you the personal attention that no Big Company can match.

How do you know if you’ve got all the legs on your stool? Have Eric do an Insurance Review! Things change, times change, your needs change, has your coverage stayed the same? Call him…