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John Thomas: You know I just want you guys to think of Thomas painting as someone that’s totally reliable, can do quality work. I put together some show and tell here of some different things that you might not think of us as doing. It’s just like I want it to be something that comes out naturally when your talking with somebody and they’ve had a flood, or doing a remodel, or whatever and it’s like you probably have some painting associated with any kind of construction, or remodeling, or new furniture. There might be some painting involved and it’s like Thomas painting. It’s like I’m the guy. You have a question he could help out. Turn up the phone, that will help out.

So anyway, we have this year got involved with a new contractor and he specializes down in Huntington Harbor and he’s always given me new stuff. And so he takes me over to this guy’s garage door which has this fogging problem and all three of these garage doors were probably worth more than my entire house and they face south so it’s going to be a problem. But anyway we want to take this look, this fogging here, and make them look brand new, and so we went ahead and got started, and we had to take all that finish off, and get it ready, and make it look like that.

Stain finish. You know our bread and butter is Mr. and Mrs Homeowner, interior pain, four bedroom, three bedroom house, exterior, one story, two story. Well we can take on this kind of stuff, we can do this kind of stuff, or we could put you on in the right direction. So that was fun. That was a fun project for us.

Business Growth Innovators Member: John, was that paint or stain?

John Thomas: Stain. Okay and so then Mr Murphy goes he liked that and so he’s got this other project which entails staining this house with these beams. And so anyway, we have to steam those beams to kind of look something like the front door so off we went on this adventure and here we are. You can see the beams in there all through out the house and here’s the front door. Were going to need to get these doors and these beams and then were going to paint all the walls in association with that.

So here we’ve got the stain up, there’s the doors that were getting ready to accept the stain, and it’s just this long process. And these types of projects are fun, they look really great, and we can do them but your real money is in Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner with a three bedroom house. I need an exterior and the inside of the house painted but we can do this kind of thing, and we’re capable, and we have the kind of staff to get it done.

Business Growth Innovators Member:So, do you have to have your own beams?

John Thomas: So that’s the finished look there.

Business Growth Innovators Member:That looks nice.

John Thomas: Yeah. There’s her with the frog green in there. I’m not sure why she picked that color but I told her it looked lovely. I have it in my own home. Customers always right.

Business Growth Innovators Member: I think it looks great.

John Thomas: Yeah, and there you go.

Business Growth Innovators Member: You told me it looked funny.

Business Growth Innovators Member 2: That was in your house.

Business Growth Innovators Member: I know. You told me we could have any color white that we want.

John Thomas: So anyway that was another fun one. It took a little bit of time and so then Mr. Murphy says, “Okay, you guys jumped through hoops on those two projects. I’ve got this job for you.” And I had no idea how to do it so we came up with we’re just going to do a tiny bit of material on this thing here and it was like, I don’t know, a couple thousand of these little pieces for a music room.

This person lived on the harbor and they were going to make a room for music. And of course, right? You’ve got two Teslas in the driveway, you’ve got a boat that’s worth more than anybody’s house. It looked like that James Bond boat.It was really, really, cool.

But anyway, off we go to get these things primed. Always get your kit finish pieces and then we had to put a base coat on all these, get those all ready, and this is like we’re doing this stuff in house. Jigging it up, around a pool, harbor boats, all kinds of crazy stuff. You think it’s going to come out okay? Oh yes, don’t worry. Everything will be just fine Mrs. Thoranson. We love it. We dream of this stuff.

So anyway, here we have the crown molding that went up there and now were putting the finishing coats on all those trim pieces and if you can’t sleep you can come to my house to look at painting pictures. But what we want to do is get you to this point here. Those carpenters started installing all of those trim pieces that we put up. Exciting stuff. There you go, yeah.

John Thomas:  I lost a lot of pepper. Isn’t that cool stuff?

Business Growth Innovators Member: What did you paint with? Is that gold?

John Thomas: Yeah.

Business Growth Innovators Member: Solid Gold?

John Thomas:  Yes. Special metallic gold paint cost more than you want to talk about.

Business Growth Innovators Member: How much a gallon is it?

John Thomas: 150. There you go.

Business Growth Innovators Member: Wow.

John Thomas: Yeah, that little chandelier will set you back a few Scoobies there you know. Oh yeah, go ahead and put it up. We haven’t finished painting. But you’ll notice here we got the floors protected. We’re doing a really great job. They were really, really, happy with the end result and it’s a really cool project and these are like one in a million. This is a one and done kind of a thing. Pretty fun stuff, huh? So we took that, we took all those little pieces and we ended up with that.

Business Growth Innovators Member: What can you do with my game room?

John Thomas: They have a few extra dollars to spend money on. Okay but anyway, here’s something that we do a lot of. A house in Long Beach, Lakewood area, one story, mid century, get them primed, painted, prepared, and work with the customer, consult on the color, and make sure that they’re happy with something that’s going to last a long time. Fill all the holes in, do all the sanding, bondo work, and get the thing up ready to go so you end up with something like that. I like the color of that door for some reason, they didn’t like the green, and you got this house here. It really came out nice.

Let’s see what else do we have here that we did during… Down in Huntington Beach and Downtown there’s lots of close quartered homes and so we can take on those projects. Big long rectangle type corridors, lot’s of trim work, really high elevations. Pretty much dangerous type stuff. These drawers were solid oak and the trend now is to go to darker stains. So we can take that oak look and update it to this new espresso look that comes out. We even did the mail box over here and there’s a whole story about this mail box. I’m like “Really?” and yeah, they have rocks in front there. We can’t get any paint on the rocks because they were found on a special beach and blah, blah, blah. We are psychologists too.

Business Growth Innovators Member: I can tell.

John Thomas: We care about their mailbox and I got two minutes. So anyway, your going to get sea sick here folks we’re going fast. Anyway that’s kind of a neat look there. How is that . . . is that focused?

Business Growth Innovators Member: Yeah.

John Thomas: Okay it’s me. Oh hey, use these glasses, okay. I have a tip for somebody. Yeah, they put this basketball hoop up while we were doing the project I thanked him, that was nice. We had to cover it then.

Business Growth Innovators Member: You should paint it, it will match the garage. That’s what I would do.

John Thomas: Well yeah, but you know. So anyway, that type of home is something we can do a lot of. Then we have a special project that needed to be on a Saturday and get it done so they could have service on Sunday. So they want to have the cross highlighted on the inset there and so we did whatever we had to do to get it done in a day and we did. So it’s like bring in the big stuff and there you go. So you take that, and you go to that, and then boom and there you go. Holy Spirit Catholic church. We work at churches and we’re thankful. That’s a different project, and let’s see here, what else did I pull out? Ah, look at this.

Business Growth Innovators Member: One more. one more. One more.

John Thomas: A washed out track house up in Fullerton. We had to take apart the patio cover so we could get up under those eaves there and extend our ladders and that was really a whole bunch of work. Look at that, take that out, and then we had to paint the top and bottom and so boom, you go from that, to that. And there’s a great sign there, Sheila gave that to me for my birthday. I’m yet to get an order in. Caulked in eaves and there’s that patio cover we had taken apart and we had to paint on top of it.
So anyway if you guys want a quality job and you have problems, or you have questions about any time it comes to paint application. We’d be happy to help you out and thank you so much.

Thank you so much for your time.

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