Jairo Ramirez, Jr. – Ramirez Mobile Detailing

Jairo Ramirez Jr. of Ramirez Mobile Detailing - serving all of Orange County, CA

Jairo Ramirez Jr. of Ramirez Mobile Detailing – serving all of Orange County, CA

Today Jairo Ramirez of Ramirez Mobile Detailing told us about how they are a family business with Jairo, Sr., Jairo Jr. and his uncles that work with them.

He reminded us that they are liscened and insured and fully capable of doing commercial work for large fleets of cars, vans or delivery trucks. They make a point of conforming with all cities regulations regarding egological water disposal. For this they use a mat to collect water and only dispose of it on plants, grass and dirt because their cleaning chemicals, while gentle and approved, shouldn’t go to ocean.

Jairo, Jr. told us that with hard water spots they need to use acid to clean them well. He also mentioned that for boats and RV’s they use sandbags to trap water at the gutters and then vacuum it up for disposal. When working on Winnebago’s and the like they detail your RV inside and out, wash the carpet and the seats and clean everything as best they can.

Jairo Jr. told us that Gelcoat is dificult to work with should be clear coated to perserve it as long as possible. He said that at a commercial account, most are around 5 – 10 cars, they can wash 5 cars per hour. If anyone has a referral for a business or commercial account more commercial accounts would be highly appreciated

Ramirez Mobile Detailing has super-competetive prices for new clients basic carwash lookinig for a basic carwash. They are $25 one car to $30 larger vehicles.  For wax they use the following high-quality brands: McGuires, Dynowax, it depends on car, its color, the age of the paint job, what it needs. Black cars get special wax for best possible shine. They prevent swirls by using the proper buffing pad at the proper speed. He said that you have to be careful with the fuzzy buffing pads as they can cut the paint. They use the black colored buffing pad to remove swirls or a white one if  its really a bad case of swirls. They also have a special,  smaller Porter Cable won’t leave swirls as easily.

Finally Jairo warnd us about bird poop which he said will damage paint as its an acid and that we need to squirt off or wipe off as soon as possible in order to save our paint jobs. He said, by way of example, that its easier to fix scratches than repair bird ruined paint. Jairo Jr. said that wax will only prevent so much, eventually it will burn into paint.

For your convenience, fleet services are available. Our auto detailing experts accept all major credit cards. We are licensed and insured for your protection.

Jairo Ramirez Jr.
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