Jason Berry – Credit Card Processing Systems

Jason Berry of Pivotal Payments told us about the advent of new credit card processing terminals that you will be compelled to update to by the credit card companies. Visa will apparently refuse service if you have not updated to the new machines by the deadline. Jason says that the loyalty of his 50+ current clients is a testament to both his more affordable rates and his excellent customer service.

He told us that Debit cards provide the most secure type of transaction currently. He mentioned being able to offer online credit card authorizations through Authorize.net.

In terms of how to best tip him he said that sushi restaurants, diners, small non-chain cleaners, automotive businesses and flowershops make excellent prospects for him. If he can get a copy of your credit card processing statement he can analyze your rate structure and save you money: there are 156 different card types under 3 different categories so it really takes an expert, like himself, to deconstruct what you’re really paying for.

There are 4 major Point of Sale Systems companies. Often their contracts contain hidden fees. He has relationships with 2 or 3 of them but not all. Watch out for monthly minimums and the “60 days notice before cancellation” clauses that these contracts can contain.

The lowest rate possible is when you swipe the actual card and have them sign. This includes when it is done from a mobile/wireless terminal. One more piece of advice: never lease a terminal, it doesn’t make economic sense.

To have Jason Berry take a look at YOUR credit card processing statement and see if he can save you some money call him at 949-707-0294 or email him at jberry@pivotalusa.com.