Jesus Arizaga – Landscape Designer

Jesus Arizaga – Landscape Designer
Jesus Arizaga has 17 years of experience with all aspects of the Landscape and Hardscape business. He has been in business for himself for 3 years and a member of Business Growth Innovators for 3 years. Jesus loves his job, he has a passion for his work that separates him from the majority of other Landscape Designers. Jesus also makes a point of being on the job himself, directing his crew personally to make certain that everything is done to his demanding sense of perfection.

Landscape Design: Jesus offers every aspect of landscaping from sprinkler systems up to complete front and backyard Landscape Designs that include sprinkler systems, grass, flowers, plants, shrubs and trees.

His sprinkler systems focus on the conservation of water. Having been born in Guadlajara, Mexico Jesus understands water conservation: the entire city of 1.5 million people depends on a single source of water to survive! He build his sprinkler systems by carefully choosing the correct piping, valves and nozzles for your application and then aiming them so that they do NOT water the sidewalk but only sprinkle your plants, lawns and trees.

Jesus can create Landscape Designs based on your ideas, work from photographs that you may have or come up with landscaping ideas of his own based on the layout of your property, your choices of plants or colors and even use native, low-water plants to create something unique that conserves water as well.

Jesus has lots of ideas, many of which he tries out on his own home first. He is very particular and always strives to acheive something different. He believes in customer satisfaction and won’t leave your house until it is perfect.

Hardscape Design: Jesus is well versed in creating things for your house and yard using concrete, brick and stone. He can create all types of water features, fountains and ponds, gas or electric barbeques. He also installs lighting systems that can add a lot to your house and yard, especially when entertaining in the evening.

As part of his Landscape Design services he can provide the homeowner with drawings that they can present to their Homeowner’s Association for the purpose of getting their landscaping approved. He can also supervise inspections if need be.

If you are looking for a Commercial or Residential Landscape Designer who can also help you with concrete, brick and stone please feel free to contact Jesus Arizaga at 562-858-7416 or