Jim Duncan – AIM Mail Center Huntington Beach & Costa Mesa: Fragile packaging done right

Jim Duncain - AIM Mail Center - Packing & Shipping Expert

Jim Duncain – AIM Mail Center – Packing & Shipping Expert

Jim Duncan has two AIM Mail Center outlets, one in Huntington Beach at the northwest corner of Atlanta and Magnolia and one on the southeast corner of Harbor and Adams in Costa Mesa.

You come to Jim because of packing ability, nothing is too big, physically or weight wise, or too fragile and complex, for Jim and his years of engineering experience.

Jim was hired to handle the shipping of a celebrity musician’s drum set, congas, accordion. He used a wooden crate with reinforced sides, on a pallet, final load was 600 pounds.

A complex lightweight task was the shipping of a piece of art in the form of a feather mask where nothing was allowed to touch the feathers themselves.

Jim has shipped trophy deer heads for hunters and reports that they are lighter than they look. He created a custom box for the antlers then used a special substance to “foam in place” to fill voids, structurally between antlers.

Jim has shipped cake to back east with icing on pallet to keep flat and shipped it overnight to get it there fresh. This was for a large food contractor. It was ruined in the last trip from shipping room to the buyer. Didn’t get sale.

He has also shipped desert garden in a bowl to Burlington, NJ.