Judy Bartel – Moving and Storage – Alex’s Moving & Storage

Judy Bartel has been doing Moving and Storage for 17 years while Alex’s Moving & Storage has been in existence for 18 years.

Alex’s Moving and Storage is NOT a storage facility, per se, nor do the rent trucks. Instead they are a full-service moving company who come in and take pictures of your home so that they can set up everything perfectly on the other end.

Judy relates to us that people have a really hard time estimating the amount of work it actually takes to properly pack and move a household. Alex’s Moving & Storage has a team of excellent, very professional drivers who can safely move up to 28,000 lbs. per load.

The price is determined by the formula weight & miles = cost. They are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission.

Any trip under 100 miles is billed hourly. Short drives are billed double time. They do take personal checks.

People always want to know the “bottom line”, so here it is: you can rent a POD, sure, but you have to load it yourself then they pick it up from you. There is no accountability en route. By comparison Alex Moving & Storage, a vendor of North American Vanlines, do a thorough inventory of each piece, calling it off and recording it as it is as the truck is unloaded. On long distance moves we can take a credit card or cashier’s check at the destination.

They offer 6′ x 6′ x8′ storage boxes that they deliver on a flat bed and then warehouse until your new home is ready to move in to. Then they deliver the boxes to you.

Call Judy Bartel of Alex Moving & Storage at 714-968-1716 or email her at judymovesyou@socal.rr.com.