July 10th Meeting

Kathy Ahluwalia of Beach Trend promotional products brought in a guest this week, Carlos, who was representing long-term health care insurance. Carlos, we hope you enjoyed the meeting and will be back with us soon.

Our first table topper was Judy Bartel, who brought Wallace, an independent driver for Alex Moving & Storage. Wallace brought his tractor (it’s not called a truck!) minus the trailer. He lives in Virginia but does much of the coast-to-coast work for Alex Moving, or anything that is very, very fragile. Call Judy at 714-549-8696 for your moving and storage needs.

Our second table topper was Jennifer Williams, Phd., from Termite Terry Pest Control. Jennifer has doctorate in bugs. How many pest control companies can boast that! Jennifer explained that green products work well and are a good option for your home or business. They also do termite inspections so give them a ring today.

Our first Presenter was Jim Duncan from AIM Mail Center. Jim is a former oil engineer who got the entrepreneurship bug a while back, and enjoys working with the public. AIM Mail Center offers many products and services, especially for the small business customer. He offers shipping to anywhere in the world, and can ship items that most shippers cannot – firearms and hazardous items/chemicals. Because AIM uses more than one vendor as well as couriers, they can truly select the right vendor for your needs. They also offer packing, copy, notary, fingerprinting, and photo printing. Of course, they also have mail boxes. Jim has two locations to serve your needs: Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa.

Our second Presenter was Dr. Mark Yamamoto, DDS. He presented portions of a lecture he gave to a dental study group titled, “What TMD Isn’t”. He describes seeing a patient who had been to several dentists prior for what was thought to be TMD. Luckly he found Dr. Mark and was preliminary diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia while still in the waiting room! The patient was sent to a neurologist who confirmed that it was a nerve problem and NOT a tooth problem. It was only the fourth diagnosed case by a dentist in 39 years. As a side note, the wikipedia article regarding trigeminal neuralgia describes the condition as “one of the most severe types of pain known to humanity”. The point is that dentists need to correctly diagnose problems before pulling your teeth out. Another case involved a patient with a lump on the side of the face. A medical doctor had ruled it out as “nothing”, but Dr. Mark correctly diagnosed cancer, which saved the patient’s life. Does your dentist perform a proper exam?