July 31st Meeting

We had two guests this morning, Dr. Don Saracco from MLC & Associates, and Chris Boesch from Split Second Delivery Service.

Cheri Boone from Grand Gourmet Gift Baskets and Sean Sloan from Sean Sloan Productions were our two table toppers of the week. Cheri showed us some of her uniques containers, baskets, and gift items and stressed that if we can imagine it, they can make it happen! Sean told us about his subject in two weeks when he speaks, which would be how to really increase visibility of your websites in search engines. If you have a website that no one can find, what good is it doing you?

John Gray, our business attorney, was our first Presenter of the morning. John teaches at Cerritos College and specializes in lemon law. Lemon Law actually applies to any defective product, not just cars. Also, John charges a minimal amount to take a lemon law case and you usually don’t pay if you win since the manufacturer becomes responsible for attorney’s fees. He also gave us some tips regarding business entities – consult your CPA! The immediate implications of incorporating are tax-based, and your CPA should look at your specific business to determine the best route for your business. Keep in mind that incorporating properly to protect yourself from liability means keeping up your records, so contact John today for more information.

Our second Presenter was Brett Adolph with Payday payroll service. Brett has over 3 years of experience and more than 600 clients under his care. We here at the flowershop can attest to the awesome customer service that the staff provides. Payday is the 3rd largest payroll provider in Southern California after ADP and Paychex, but has only increased prices a couple times in the last 13 years. Restaurants, new businesses, current ADP and Paychex clients are the best leads for Brett, and remember, he SAVES you money on what you’re already using! He also challenges you readers to a water polo match anytime. So, give Brett a call today.