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Promtional Items or Advertising Specialties - Kathy Ahluwahlia

Promtional Items or Advertising Specialties – Kathy Ahluwahlia

Kathy: Well, I asked the manager for a few minutes of his time, but he didn’t want to be bothered. He told a less experienced employee to help me. This guy couldn’t answer my questions until I spotted a Samsung notebook, and he said, “Well, the Samsung guys are here today. Let me get you one of them.”

Well, I walked out of Best Buy with a Samsung. They took their time. They set it up for me. Gave me their phone numbers. Even installed my free Hulu and Candy Crush. And they gave me a cleaning cloth and a mug. Oh. Even gave me a mug.
So the latest headlines read, “Samsung and Apple widen lead in the US market.” Well, you know, Apple is there with free lessons and hands-on in their stores, and Samsung sends their experts to Best Buy to help sell their brand. These two companies know the value of personalized service.

The moral of the story is: give your customer a gift, give him personalized service, and you will get the sale. Last week, I was at the Las Vegas show bringing you new products. And you might have to help here, because they’re going to fall over. Of course I sell pens.

This is a bottle opener for the top of your beer, which I didn’t bring. I didn’t dare. Or it will unscrew a cap. Voila. I have several new products like that. Bags. I meant to do bags last, but I brought everybody a big bag over there. If you live in Huntington Beach, or Los Angeles, or San Jose, California, those are the three places I know of that are not giving out bags when you go buy groceries and things. So they have a big sign, “Carry your own bag.” Shouldn’t your bag… shouldn’t the bag that people are carrying into the grocery store have your logo on it? You can get these from me.

Follow the bouncing ball. I love magnets, and these heavy-duty products hold business cards, things on the fridge. Paper clips. I really kind of like that. This is really neat. I might test these out. A sweat band. Supposed to keep the sweat away from your body. Screen wipes. You stick these on your phone. Little tiny thing. Pull it off, wipe that grease off your phone. Hmm, sewing kit. Business card holder. Oh yeah. It was all high-tech stuff at the show this year. These guys are pens that work your iPad, and you can also write, and you can keep notes on this. And the sticky notes that you can stick anywhere, and play with, too.

We have this nice portfolio that will hold your iPad or your netbook. Pretty cool, huh? Got something nice. You can show that around. You need to make an important phone call, but you grab that phone, and it’s out of juice. Carry this on your keychain. It’s… after you charge it on your computer, and it’s extra power to make that phone call, or to completely charge your phone. You can show that that way. Those are really handy. I love those. Is a shot not enough for you?
Well, I think this is the right size. If not, we can have those espressos, too. And it will fit in your budget, because it’s small.

The teenagers, the early 20s, the young business entrepreneurs. They love these things. Beer holders. It’s a special gift for their clients. They get them from me, and then they call around. “Oh, I got these. I got this deal.” Or, “Mine are better.” You know, it’s just… they love them. And they lose them, because they get drunk.

It’s a great item. Decks of cards. You can have 52 logos printed on them, and 52 different sayings to advertise whatever you want to say. It’s a great giveaway. The airlines don’t give them away anymore, because they probably charge you, what, $10 extra, like they do your luggage. And, oh, well, the neatest item of the day, I think Mark brought in, was the little screwdriver bits. But these are really cool little screwdrivers with a straight edge on one side and a Phillips on the other. And you won’t lose the bits. But the other one’s pretty unique, too. Everyone had fun playing with those.

I didn’t bring a bottle of wine, but this is really cool. Just open your wine like this, and it’s open. Next mixer I’m bringing a bottle of wine. Hold me to it, and we’ll try it out.
Now, after you’ve done all your talking, your customer’s probably getting hungry. So don’t forget the snacks. And yesterday — catch, Eric — Eric reminded me by text that I had a speech to do today, and I said, “Well, I have a speech. Anything else?” And he said, “Chocolate chip cookies.” I didn’t have time to get your logo on them.

Business Growth Innovators Member: That’s all right.

Kathy: But next time, Eric.

Business Growth Innovators Member: Thank you.

Kathy: In fact, these cookies are great. Who’s really, really hungry? You can pass them. Nobody wants this? All right. And then these are buttermints, and my favorite, chocolate gourmet mints. There’s a few for this table, and this table, and I’ll pass them around there in a minute. And I think…

Oh, yeah, there were three exciting things at the show. New materials that keep the sweat away from your body that don’t feel like that yucky polyester anymore. They feel really good, and they’re really designer garments. And I ordered a man and a lady’s polo to show you later. And, oh, there were two more great things. What is it, the radio… Yes. People can come up to you and have something in their pocket, and steal all your information off your credit card or ATM…RDIF? I can’t think today.

They just get the radio signal, and then they know everything. They can go do a loan in your name and really play havoc with your stuff. So I ordered a couple of wallets. They’re really nice. Nice leather, high-quality. A special gift for that client that you want to go the extra mile for, that goes the extra mile for you. And there was…

Business Growth Innovators Member: It protects from.. prevents them from being able to do that, right?

Kathy: Right. My husband’s hard on wallets. I keep him in one, because he works at the airlines. At the airports a lot, and that is where you would find a lot of the theft going on.
So, clothing, the thing to save your life, and I’m sure there’s something else I ordered, but…
These come in different quality. This one will charge your netbook and your pen and… one moment, please. These ones will charge your netbook, or two phones, as you’re driving in the car. That’s pretty cool. That’s something else back here. And that’s good.
Are there any questions? Yes.

Business Growth Innovators Member: If I’ve never given anything before, what should I start with?

Kathy: Nice shirt with your business name on it. Some magnets or business cards. Definitely a pen, and then something to take notes on.

Business Growth Innovators Member: And the pen…

Business Growth Innovators Member:Did you get all that?

Business Growth Innovators Member:All of the above.

Business Growth Innovators Member:All of the above.

Kathy: Can you have that? Yes.

Business Growth Innovators Member:I love these. People love balloons.

Kathy: Oh, yeah.

Business Growth Innovators Member:What about these pens? Do you want to share those, or not?

Kathy: Yeah, these are pretty nice. So if you like them, take that one.

Business Growth Innovators Member:What about this, too?

Kathy: I’m going to put a whole bunch of stuff on the back table. Everybody grab a bag, please, and you can probably have whatever you want there. Thank you.

Business Growth Innovators Member:Thank you.

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