Landscape Design in Huntington Beach with Jesus Arizaga

I have worked in landscape for a long time. I started in ’88 in Seal Beach Nursery in Seal Beach. Then I went back to Mexico and came back and started working in landscape. We do landscape and carscape. Anything related to concrete and plants we can do it. Sometimes, people come to me with crazy ideas. These are the kind of ideas I like to work with. I like to do something different. Not just the grass, but all outside plants. We do pavers, rock work, stone work, you name it. Any idea that you can imagine, we can work with. Do you have any questions about landscaping? Or any comments?

Do you do pavers as well?

A: Yes, we do all kinds of pavers. From the basic Home Depot to the Belgard; which is the best manufacturer. Many different types, colors, styles, shapes, textures; you know it’s unbelievable how many varieties they have available.

Do you do retaining walls?

Retaining walls? No. Well, I don’t do any higher than four feet. Any higher than four feet, and that involves a different type of insurance. I don’t cover that. But yes we do covings and wall cuts.

But it’s more. When we travel, for example to the High Sierras, you see beautiful trees. Manzanitas are an example. They are evergreens. They will stay green year-round without water. The easiest way to kill a native plant is to water it. You cannot water it for months at a time and it will be okay.

And for the last three years we’ve been doing coy ponds. I met a person who came to the open house and he saw my table and he asked if we worked with concrete and if we could do a coy pond. I said “Yeah sure.” So, we went to his house and figured it out and now we’ve been doing those.

We don’t do maintenance, like cutting grass and stuff.

Can you arrange for maintenance? Are there any companies that you work with that can do maintenance?

No. You know, I do most of the work. With maintenance there is so much competition. There are many people who do maintenance. I don’t like to go and get to your house and try to get out in five minutes. I know peoplebut not the best in my opinion. I am very picky, extremely picky. SO I don’t give out reccommendations. I am very obsessive about it. If I’m not satisfied and I have to re-do it I pay for the costs. I do everything myself so that I don’t have—My guys that work for me have been with me a while now so they know how I am. Sometimes, they get mad because I am always checking everything; levels, plumbs, distances, shapes, colors, the position of the plants.

Trees for example can’t just be shoved in the ground.There are questions of the type of soil, how deep it can go in the ground, etc. If some of the soil goes on the trunk it can kill a lot of the plants. Just an inch! It sounds ridiculous but an inch can kill a plant. I always double-check it because it costs me. If the plant dies and I have to replace it, that costs me. Who wants to lose money? But more than anything else, I am extremely picky. That’s why, for maintenance, they are so “Go! Go! Go!” In that business you can’t make much money by taking your time and making everything perfect. You cut the grass, trim it, and in two or three minutes you go. But, yes, I know people who can do that. If you are not too picky, I can recommend people. Anything else?

I just wanted to say that Jesus just installed a waterfall in our backyard and it is wonderful and we love it. He did an excellent job as he always does.

Thank you.

Do you do boulder rocks?

Yes, we do. We tend to use artificial rocks. The real giant boulders are so heavy that we would need a crane. Then, the cost of moving the boulder ends up costing you more than the rock itself and the labor and everything. The crane itself is like $700 to set it in and for like ten minutes work, it’s like $700. IF people have the money and want real boulders then yes, we can do it. But mostly I do artificial rocks. I make it in place, I stain it in place and you don’t see too much difference. Only if you know it’s not real. But if you are walking by, you can’t tell the difference for sure.

Something else?

Around pools there’s coving. Can you do that?

Yes, Yes. We can. We can take out the old coping and put in new coping. We can do it with concrete, with paving, with stone. We can put a lot of different stuff in the coving around pools.

Okay, thank you very much.