Landscape Designer – Jesus Arizaga

Landscape Designer Jesus Arizaga

Jesus graduated from the University of Guadalajara with a degree in Sports Training. He came to the United States in 1988 and began working in landscaping. He started his own business a few years later so that he could do things the way he felt that they needed to be done.

Jesus likes to operate with integrity and to this end he doesn’t take shortcuts. His goal is to make certain that the customer is happy and he makes sure that he provides value in order to accomplish that. He offers a guarantee on plants and on grass but only if he has installed the irrigation system as well.

A typical job for Jesus starts small but then expands once the customer sees his talent and the quality of the work he delivers. He likes to conserve water and use native plant species whenever possible.

Jesus is “hands on” and is there 100% of the time working alongside his two helpers. As such he can make changes to things right away. It’s not just about money to Jesus: he is there to do the right thing and to provide for his family while doing it.

Sheila Gershwin gave Jesus a testimonial: he removed thorny rose bushes and put in flagstones to make her daughters back yard safe for their new baby. Great work!

Bruce Beinlich can attest to the excellent sprinkler placing and aiming that Jesus prides himself in.

Cheri Boone had Jesus design and build her a solar powered fountain in their backyard in Huntington Beach. It is custom-made from large clay pots that she picked out.

Give Jesus a call at 562-858-7416 or email him at