Jesus Arizaga – Landscape Designer & Koi Ponds in Orange County, California

Landscape Designer Orange County - Jesus Arizaga Landcape Design

Landscape Designer Orange County – Jesus Arizaga Landcape Design

Jesus is originally from Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico. He has been here since 2001, legally here, architecture and designing background, he loves landscape,

Jesus feels that “everything has to be perfect for you, I won’t leave your house until you are happy. I have 100% satisfaction, people call me on my birthday from 10 years ago or for more work. I treat them like my family.”

He went on to add that “Sometimes I am tight on time and yet people are willing to wait because they know they will be happy. Even new customers are willing to wait.”

Jesus is concerned about conserving water and says that most peoples sprinkler systems are the main culprit. He says “We need to save water, its a state of emergency, 50 – 60% of water going to lawns and gardens and half of that or 25% is running off. Home Depot people are not bad, just don’t know. (demonstrates change of sprinkler head) with special tool and more modern nozzle types screw the new one in showing ease of change once sprinkler. Low flow nozzles allow the water to be absorbed like gradual rain allowing 20 minute water period.”

Jesus Arizaga