Landscape Designer Orange County – Jesus Arizaga

Landscape Designer Orange County - Jesus Arizaga Landcape Design

Landscape Designer Orange County - Jesus Arizaga Landcape Design

Jesus Arizaga, our Landscape Designer based in Huntington Beach but serving all of Orange County, California told us that his goal was to “give my customers what they want!”. He said that every job he does is custom whether its landscape design for your back yard, front yard, side yard; whether its hardscape like stone, block, koi ponds, barbeques or water gardens; whether its sprinklers or low voltage lighting; he takes the time to get it exactly how you envision it looking.

One of his passions is to save you money on your water bill be designing an up to the minute sprinkler system using the most efficient sprinkler heads available. If you have an old sprinkler system give Jesus a call and he will take a look at it, tell you where it can be improved and where he can save you money. He’s involved in continuing education most recently having taken the Toro seminar.

He reminded us that overspray not only wastes water but can be bad for your foundation if its hitting the footing of your house.

Jesus received and excellent testimonials about the repair of a block wall that separates Sheila Gershwin from her neighbor. Sheila commented on how impressed and satisfied her neighbor was with the work that Jesus had done.

If you want to join the ranks of satisfied customers feel free to give Jesus a call.