Landscape Designer Orange County with Jesus Arizaga, Arizaga Landscape Design

My name is Jesus Arizaga and we do landscaping and everything in outside living. We do sprinklers and water features of any size. I’ve been working in landscaping since 89’. At one time I worked at a nursery in Seal Beach. That’s where I started doing landscape. I went back to Mexico but returned in 2001. I’m still here since 2001 and I continue to work landscaping.

We do everything that includes outside living. We do concrete, rocks, natural stone, artificial stone. If you have an idea we can work with it. We do design, however I would rather work with your ideas for your house because you have to live in the house not me. In the last year I’ve done a lot of Japanese style landscaping including Coy ponds.

We also do a native Californian garden. When you go up to the Sierra mountains you will find native plants. Most of these plants don’t need a lot of water. They are very hardy plants. Actually one way to kill them is by watering them. So when we say native garden it doesn’t mean just cactuses. There are many plants that are tolerant of our dry climate.

They don’t have to be native plants however to be dry tolerant. There are many from South Africa, China, Australia and of course Californian plants. We are working with Robel and her house is amazing. It has a beautiful Californian garden. When you go to her courtyard it’s like being in the high Sierras. I went to Yosemite months ago and it looks like that. It looks really cool.

I got a call from a lady who lives off of Garfield because she saw Robel’s Garden and her daughter found me online after visiting her house. She got my phone number from Business Growth Innovators. She said I saw a house in front of the school with dry tolerant, California native plants and we want something like that. It’s really fun that they could find me through the Business Growth Innovators website.

We can also do an English garden. However they need a lot of watering so what I try to do is save water by planting dry tolerant plants. Where I’m from in Mexico many years ago we had problems with water supply. The state Governor had to conserve water so we were only allowed to water twice a week. That’s not two days watering all day either. It’s a few hours twice a week.

So I learned how to conserve water. So when I do an English garden I make sure the sprinkler system works efficiently. I get calls from people who have problems with their sprinklers who say they have really clean cars because the sprinklers are washing them all day. We are able to fix those and retrofit a proper efficient system. So we can work on your existing sprinkler system. We can replace old sprinkler heads with new ones.

What kind of education and training do you have?

Well I’ve gained a lot of experience by working in landscaping over the years. When I worked in Seal Beach at the nursery the owner was very involved in different plants and he got his masters in agriculture. I gained extensive knowledge from him, plus I was constantly taking any classes that were available. Whatever the class was. If it was for gardening or if it was for concrete I was constantly learning whatever was necessary.

With 15 years of experience, we provide an ample scope of services.

  • Sprinkler system installation and repairs
  • Grass install
  • Garden design
  • Water features – fountains, ponds, streams, etc.
  • Lighting – installation and repairs
  • Hardscape
  • Concrete work
  • Brick Work
  • Block Planters
  • Stone Planters
  • Stone Floors
  • Wood Fences
  • Vinyl Fences

No project too small or too large.
Always with integrity, honesty and passion for out work, creating harmony and beauty for your outdoor living spaces.

A complete listing of services includes:

  • Landscape design
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Sod/grass
  • All garden styles
  • Lighting design
  • Water features
  • Fountains/waterfalls
  • Water gardens
  • Fish ponds
  • Hardscape design
  • Concrete work
  • Block walls
  • Driveways
  • Fire pits
  • BBQ areas
  • Wood fences/gates