Landscape Designer Orange County with Jesus Arizaga of Arizaga Landscape Design

Landscape Designer Orange County - Jesus Arizaga Landcape Design

Landscape Designer Orange County – Jesus Arizaga Landcape Design

Jesus Arizaga: We do landscape, everything that can be landscaped from sprinkler systems to water features, to concrete work, stone work, you name it. We would like to work more with your ideas, because the homeowner will be in the house all the time. The way I like to work with the customers is, usually when I am going to see a client for a koi pond, and we were talking and he said, “You know what? You will do my pond. This is what I want, and you are not trying to sell me what you want.

” I’m never like, “You will have this, and it is the best.” No, it is what you like. You don’t like some kinds of plants, so we can work with what you like. We’ll find what you like, and then we put it all together. I have my personal choice and personal opinions on some things, but it doesn’t mean it has to be like that, just because I’m doing it this time.

To this time, I have been working in landscaping for a long time, and I probably can say 100% of my customers are satisfied. Some people, some contractors, “I have 98% customer satisfaction” and blah, blah, blah. Mine is 100%. All these years I haven’t had even just one call for a complaint. I have phone calls because they want something else, because they found something different, or another job, another work up here all these years.

In house, it’s how it works, too. I got a phone call from a lady about her front yard, when I first started this group, almost seven years ago. I got this call, “Oh, remember me?” “Oh yeah, I remember you.” “So now I want you to work on the back yard,” after all these years, so that’s how it works, too. And that’s because of our quality. We are not the cheapest one; that’s true. But our future-teller says, “You get what you pay.” And we do more. We do a little more, not just get paid for something and that’s all we get.

We always get a little more. You know, I can say this for all of us, because I’ve been using some other services from here, and I do the same thing with my business, landscaping. So, like I say, if you are happy, I am happy. If, as a customer, you are not happy with something that we’re doing, I will do it again. Even if I have to – I know it sounds crazy, like, “I don’t believe that” – even if I have to put money from my pocket, but you will be happy with it.

I am not a big company. I don’t have a big crew working for me, and 70 people, like, “OK, you go there, you go there, you go there, you go there,”
and then I’m still at home. No, I do the work. I only have two guys most of the time to help me, because I do, at least, 80% of the work. I don’t like to do something, and then we have to do it again. So I do it once, and it’s done. I don’t have to redo it. That’s why I do it myself. I’m extremely picky in my work. I say picky, and my wife says obsessed. “You’re obsessed with this! If it’s not straight, you have to redo it again and again!”

When I do work on my house, she is like, “Hmm, you’re not done yet? It looks fine.” Well, for you it looks OK, but for me it’s not straight. There is a way I like to do my work, because I really enjoy it. When I talk to customers, I work with their ideas, with what they want, and I enjoy doing it. I’m not just like, “I have to work.” No, I like to go. I get to their houses and we have fun together, because at the end, you’re paying, so let’s have fun. Not just, “Do I have to pay you again?” No, have fun with what we’re doing from the beginning to the end of the work, and then you can still have fun. So that’s the main thing on my business that I’m doing to get their satisfaction. My main concern is satisfaction. If you’re happy, I’m happy.

We work with, like I said, with your ideas, and any part of the job, and I enjoy doing that. I enjoy doing our unique side small jobs, big ones, enjoy all of them. My favorites are the ones that are challenging, different because I don’t like just, “OK, one, two, three, and one rose, and one this, and one this,” and then they’re saying the same thing again. Something different. They are the ones I really enjoy. When I suggest something, some kind of sprinkler system, I have already tried it in my house.

My house is like a laboratory, and I have pipes here and there, and try new things. When something new comes to the market, I try it in my house first. Then they’re like, “Are you trying something different? Are you taking off again?” Well, no let’s have some fun. And I have fun with my son too, he’s next to me. So now we’re two against one in my house. But I really enjoy what I do, and then I want my customers to enjoy the same. Like I said, my favorites are something different. Something that is unusual, not totally in a traditional style.

We did a Japanese garden months ago. When you see it, you’re like, “Yes, that’s Japanese, but it’s something different.” The whole composition looked Japanese, but it was something different. So in this house, we did different colors than traditional, more Japanese. So we did browns, yellows, and reds, totally different shapes, colors, textures – we went totally different. So I told this guy the idea, he says, “Oh, I want a Japanese garden, but not really traditional. I don’t really know how to explain, but I want this.” So we went a little bit crazy in it, but it looked really cool. It looked really nice. At the end it looked really nice, and they you can say, “Wow, look at this. Isn’t that something?” But it’s different. So that’s what we like. So any questions? Yes?

Audience: Yes. Are you doing a lot of the drop resistant designs? I noticed in my neighborhood a couple of people are doing that, and they’re using a lot of stone, and then desert-looking products.

Jesus Arizaga: Yes.

Audience: Are you doing a lot of that, too?

Jesus Arizaga: Yeah, we are doing native California plants, all dry tolerance, or we can have a mix. Not just California native plants, but we can use plants from another part, from South Africa, for example. Then it is very similar to native California, or from Australia. They are very similar to our weather, too. So we do dry tones. We did at Robelle’s house, when you go to her house, it’s like metal. When you get into the High Sierra’s. We used native plants. You go there, and it’s like getting to Yosemite or something like that. That was the main idea, when we designed her house. Another question? Yeah?

Audience: So, you were talking about water features. Water features are like fountains, or waterfalls…

Jesus Arizaga: Fountains, waterfalls…

Audience: … bird baths?

Jesus Arizaga: Anywhere where water moves, we can do that.

Audience: So, what is the biggest kind of water feature project that you’ve done?

Jesus Arizaga: We did a big waterfall, and that was one of the last permits then at Huntington Beach before they got all these new restrictions. It was 20, 30 feet wide by 12 feet high…

Audience: Oh my God.

Jesus Arizaga: … and now 6’6″ is the highest. But it was the very last waterfall approved for that high, but sometimes it is not a very big property. But we do all sizes.

Audience: So does it flow into a pool, or…

Jesus Arizaga: Into a koi pond.

Audience: Into a koi pond, wow. Sound amazing.

Jesus Arizaga: And then we’re doing another koi pond that will be 27,000 gallons… That’s a big one. I just signed it yesterday.


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